The Best Joomla Extensions for Every Purpose

You have for sure seen FlashMint Professional Joomla templates that comprise awesome designs with the highest quality.
Joomla! is an extremely convenient CMS platform that allows you creating beautiful websites that are very easy and comfortable in maintenance. As well as another Content Management System - WordPress, Joomla! is an open source, this means that it is being constantly developed and innovated, there is a great number of add-ons and extensions to improve your Joomla website. Well, below is the list of the useful Joomla extensions for almost every possible purpose from administration to social networking and image galleries.

Administration and security

What is a first thing you should think about when launching a website? Well, backup of course. This is a very useful and handy component that allows you to “clone” your Joomla installation and move it on any location over the Internet.

Another backup & restore tool that makes it very easy to backup your website even if you are new to Joomla! and web presence.

This handy extension gives you a quick access to anything on your Joomla website by creating hot keys at your keyboard.

jSecure Authentication
Don’t give the hackers an easy access to your insights, this small Joomla! module will help you.

Photos and Images

Phoca Gallery
This nice Joomla! component is an image gallery with a slideshow. Give your visitors a comfortable image gallery ;)

Simple Image Gallery
An easy way to add images to your Joomla! articles.

Expose Flash Gallery
This is a great extension, it allows you to create an awesome Flash based gallery with your images and pictures.

Social Networking

Ultimate Social Bookmarking Plugin
This great plugin adds small to all the the major social media bookmarking applications to the bottom of your articles.

Twitter Module
Twitter is one of the most powerful social websites nowadays. This little plugin allows you to display tweets from the account you identify, giving you an opportunity to encourage Twitter followers.

Twitter Plugin
This plugin makes a tweet each time you have a new article posted, thus letting know your Twitter followers that you have an update at your Joomla website.

Sociable Plugin
A very convenient tool that inserts small social media bookmarking and sharing links at the end of each of your articles.


JCE Content Editor
More feature rich content editor than your built-in Joomla editor, giving you complete control over your content.

Very easy, intuitive tool to add simple forms to your website.

If you want to get feedback from your visitors and readers than you need to allow them comment on your articles. This nice plugin will do the task.

What Joomla extensions you find to be the most useful while updating your websites?

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