We’ve been discussing the importance of having a photo portfolio for photographer not once and even not twice. Being a photographer you know many technical doo-dads but I bet you do not know how to actually build yourself a professional online portfolio in the easiest way. Well, here’s the most simple and reliable way for you.

First of all visit FlashMint web templates gallery, particularly - photography category and choose the website template that will suit your art works in the most attractive way. There are hundreds of Flash templates that have many different features and peculiarities so check them all carefully before making a choice.

Now when you have a perfect web template chosen, make a selection of your best art works to include to the portfolio. This may be a time consuming process, but do not make haste, take your time and remember that 20 awesome photos are better than 100 good ones. You can always add new art works to your galleries as time goes by.

Well, when you have all photos selected and galleries thought-out you need to customize your website template and add your photos and galleries. Most of FlashMint web templates allow you to do that yourself, but if you are not sure of your skills and just would like to have a professional assistance in this issue our Customization department will gladly help.

Well, the final thing you need to do when creating a professional photo portfolio is to get yourself a recognizable domain name and have your website hosted by a reliable web hosting provider. There are hundreds of them on the Net, but we suggest Happy@Net. This is the most trustworthy web host you can find. That’s why we partner them :)

Well, that’s it. Now you have your professional photo portfolio stuffed with your magnificent art works all up and running. Be successful with FlashMint web templates. ;)

Here are some more ideas on how to build your photo portfolio:
Step by step tutorial on how to build your online portfolio. 8 simple steps fulfilled and you have your nice gallery online.

Small tutorial on how to create a tangible portfolio. Good advice on how to choose the theme and art works for your portfolio and show it to public.

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FlashMint.com the leading Flash Templates provider, does not only update the current products collection on the daily basis but also develops the new product lines, regularly enriching its collection with new ingenious products. Remember the newly launched Flash Animated WordPress Themes?

So today we are proud to announce the launch of the new product type - Flash components.

Flash components are ready-made Flash menus, buttons, image viewers and galleries, navigation systems, video and music players, animations, effects, icons and illustrations, preloaders and scrollbars, news readers and banner rotators, forms and maps, calculators and drawing utilities, time & date addins and charts you can easily install to your website to add more incredible features and functionality.

These Flash files, applications and extensions require little or no Flash ActionScript knowledge. And you are more than welcome to order a professional modification and installation form our Customization department.

I know that webmasters and web developers will especially appreciate these new products of ours as Flash components help to fasten webmasters’ work and are a powerful tool for enhancing Flash web designs.

FlashMint is open for your suggestions! If you need some particular Flash components, we’d love to build them for you.

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There is a beautiful warm and green spring in the city of San Francisco and it’s hard to believe that there are places in the world that still suffer from cold and grey winter. But the truth is - there are. That’s why Valik Rudd here gathered green websites to bring himself some spring. And FlashMint is among those spring welcoming web designs. It’s a great honour for us, there are thousands of green websites out there and Valik chose us for his inspiring blog post. Thanks Valik, we are glad you find our green design inspiring.

Here are some designs from our collection reminding of spring, nature and beauty for you to inspire.

Flowers flash template

Flower shop html & flash template

I wish everyone a warm and green spring. And don’t forget to take part in our MacBook Air giveaway, you still have a chance to win!

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When you are a photographer, no matter if professional or amateur, you want your art works to be seen and appreciated by people. How can you achieve the biggest auditory? - Of course by creating an online gallery. Photography portfolio at the World Wide Web lets the whole world to see your masterpieces, thus bringing you the success you dream about. But in the world of competition your portfolio has to be the most outstanding one, it has to suit your personality and the character of your art works. FlashMint has a huge collection of incredibly designed Flash Templates for online photography portfolios ensuring you’ll find the design for your amazing art works. So take a minute and look through the best of them:

Photo portfolio XML flash template

This beautiful XML Flash template is the best choice for a fashion photographer. XML technology allows you to update your galleries easily and when you want to. Plus there is a “buy” button which a;;ows you to sell your art works right from your website. Continue Reading

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Everyone knows how hard it is to choose a web hosting provider nowadays. There are so many of them and every web host tells you it’s the best and most reliable service in the industry with 99.99% uptime, it’s hard to believe all of them really are that good. People need reliable and truthful information about hosting companies. If you want to give it to them, let the hosting clients share their experience and help others make the right choice, than these 5 host review website templates created by FlashMint designers are your best choice.

Top rated web hosts

This stylish CSS template performed in a grey color palette is all ready to serve your noble goal and help people make a deliberate web host choice. Continue Reading

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