FlashMint continues summing up the results of Xmas and New Year contest one by one and here is the last but not the least aspect.

As you know, another thrilling contest was placed among the blogging community with condition to bring the largest number of visitors to our website from November, 17 till December, 15 with the possibility to win $200, $100 or $50 for attracting the first, second, third largest number of visitors respectively.

We recieved a real outburst of traffic to FlashMint.com. According to our statistics, the first largest number of visitors was brought by drupal2u.com, the second largest number - by qt.makemoneyonline-x.com and the third - by wordpress2u.com. By the way, the first and the third websites belong to the same owner. All the winners, please send your PayPal details to sales (at) flashmint.com. The payment will be issued within 24 hours.

We are thankful for everyone who participated, thus please find a backlink to your websites HERE. (Though the page PR has dropped to 4 since the start of the contest, it is still the best what we could offer you, guys.) In case we haven’t mentioned you, please, don’t be angry with us. A lot of bloggers have taken part in the contest and we did our best to reward all of them. Just write to the following address - sales (at) flashmint.com and we’ll add you to the list.

That’s it about FlashMint Christmas contest and we are waiting for the new ones. So don’t miss any news and be ready to try hand at something interesting in future!

FlashMint wishes Merry Christmas to you one and all! Love, happiness and good health throughout the coming year! May all your days be blessed!

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I know it’s almost Christmas and we still haven’t announced the winner of our Xmas and New Year contest. FlashMint brings its apologies for this delay. We had some server issues. But it’s okay now and we are ready to announce the lucky guy!

So, what do we have here? The contest began December 17 and we received 8 photos from 5 users. Thank you guys, we loved your works! I have to say you brought a few killing moments of fun to our office! :)
By the way, all the pictures we received are below,so spend a few minutes and look them through. I promise you’ll have fun! :)

Image 1 from Sherry called Chicken Rendang, you may then ask her for the recipe :)

Image 2 from Deby. We called it “spoken polaroid”

Image 3 Another Deby’s polaroid shot

Image 4 from Brillie that we called here “mom’s vegetables”
Hope Brillie, you do not mind :)

FlashMint contest

Michelle has sent us Image 5 aka “red dragonfly”

FlashMint contest

We know we promissed one week voting, however due to the technical problems we were unable to place a voting for you during the last week and therefore we decided to place the voting within FlashMint staff. Our votes were split up between all the participants and we do value all the entries.
And now ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the winner of FlashMint Xmas and New Year Contest….
George Miller with his tuned car :)
FlashMint contest
Here is the same BMW at the other angle
FlashMint Contest

Our the most sincere congratulations to George, we will contact you to discuss how to send you the announced $500 prize.

Though the winner of the images is already announced, still we will greatly appreciate if you sound your thoughts. So, what is the fanciest pic to your mind? Don’t hesitate, leave your voice.

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