Hello there guys! Are you having a scary evening today? Hope, you are : )
The last day of October came and FlashMint is happy to congratulate everyone with All Saints’ Day! May you all have the most bobbish night today! We wish you guys have tones of sweets with trick-or-treating, light the brightest bonfires (but don’t burn your neighbors’ houses!), have cheerful parties and kikin’ costumes and may all scary stories be imaginary today!

Come on in and join the party. And yes… Trick or treat! ; )

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It may sound unusual but in fact the color of the website template tends to be not less important than its design. Your template color gamut makes great impression on the visitor and can even make or break your site. Different colors may be associated with certain emotions and make the user feel in a special way while surfing your website.

Dividing the background color in dark, light and colored for convenience, lets discuss each of them separately.

The first thought about dark color is that it symbolizes something official and formal. It is also known to provide sense of possibility and potential. Touching the templates it can refer to Business & Finance Templates, Services Templates.
But also dark colored backgrounds may be good for portfolios and design-related websites as they generally concentrate on the content.

The other quality of dark colors is mysteriousness. And we successfully have embodied it in our Spiritual Templates which concern astrology, hypnosis and fortune telling. Quite a mystery, isn’t it?

If you want to dedicate your future website to some leisure time aspects it is better to use light or bright colors as they somehow relax the user and provide him with the corresponding positive mood.

It is said that white color contains light energy and purity. It stands for completion and means kindness. White color is always perfect for Wedding Templates.

Among colored templates there are a lot of blue, yellow, red and green tints. They are bright and joyous but what in fact do they convey?

Blue is a color of spirituality and inspiration, it can remind you of ocean or twilight which is very calming and relaxing. Our Marina & Water Templates are full with pleasant natural blue color. Besides blue color is helpful for communication and encourages feeling of peace.

Shiny yellow is full of creative and intellectual energy and tends to symbolize wisdom. Like a sunny day it brings you feeling of joy and happiness. It also clears your mind and makes you active. Our Children Templates are full of yellow tints– they are bright and cheerful, and it feels like the sun shines on you from the monitor!

If you heard that red is a color of blood and anger don’t be in a hurry to avoid it – there is another energy in it. Red is considered to be the warmest color and is associated with love and passion. Our Dating & Relations Templates are a good proof of this feature.

If you see our Flowers Templates you will definitely notice a lot of green there. And this is natural because thinking about green color one quickly imagines nature and fertility. Green is a safe color and means growth and harmony. It also contains the desire to expand and encourages new ideas.

Light or dark, bright and colorful – whichever template you need you will definitely find the solution at Flashmint.com. The whole palette for you to choose!

What color have you picked for your website?

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In the rapid market of web templates filled with authoritative competitors offering a huge deal of professional website templates, premium flash templates, Swish, CSS and HTML templates and of course osCommerce templates, do you think there might be a need for the new template products featured as Flash eCommerce Templates?

To make it clear, Flash eCommerce Templates are the pre-designed skins for the web stores and eShops that include the main eCommerce features and key elements but enhanced with delicious Flash animation and admin panel developed on Flex technology. With the help of Flash eCommerce Templates one will be able to create, manage and administer fully functional high quality online shops with fabulous design developed in Flash with no technical knowledge at all.

If you base your Internet store on Flash eCommerce Template, you will be able to easily add new products and categories via site admin panel. You should not be a real geek to manage site admin since Flex technology does not require deep knowledge like Flash. However, you and your store visitors will still enjoy all the advantages and benefits of professional Flash animation.

While searching for such an approach, I’ve been managed to come across with osCommerce templates enhanced with Flash animated headers only; but could not find a single eCommerce template developed all in Flash. Have you seen this before? Or have you already heard about Flash osCommerce templates? If yes, please provide us the links where we could have a look since we think that Flash eCommerce templates might become an exciting breakthrough in the global eTrading.

To conclude, do you think Flash eCommerce Templates are what Template industry is missing? Will Flash eCommerce Templates be popular among web developers and common online shop owners? Are you willing to see the principally new approach to eCommerce designs? Please share your thoughts and ideas with Flashmint.

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The science today seems to bring back the age of great discoveries.

Contemporary world is closer to the fantastic world that seemed to our ancestors unobtainable dreams of science fiction writers.

All science discoveries are nowadays appreciated and prized, and the most honorable among scientific awards today is Nobel Prize. Today, October 21, the whole world celebrates the birthday of Alfred Bernhard Nobel, a talented Swedish chemist, engineer, innovator and the founder of Nobel Prize.

Flashmint would love to join the celebration. So, today’s post is dedicated to Science & Technology Templates. Our designers suggest a variety of Flash, CSS, HTML and Swish templates on this theme.

For instance, this CSS web template would be a good way to represent any science company in the World Wide Web.

Science company css template

Among other Science and Technology templates offered at Flashmint I especially like this HTML template.

Science education html template

Isn’t it a best way to educate young generation, bring the greatest ideas and discoveries of the past and nowadays world to them?

I also really like this Tech research flash intro template. I think every research company would love to have such presentation of its work.

Tech research flash intro template

Well, this is our humble contribution to the contemporary science.

Our designers regularly enlarge this contribution, so check out our new Science and Technology Templates from time to time.

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Among a great variety of styles in contemporary design, vintage and retro appear more and more often nowadays. You see elements of them everywhere: at advertisements, at CD covers, in fashion and interior design. At web design retro and vintage become more and more popular as well.

There are few presumable reasons for the usage of old-fashioned motifs: sometimes stemming from the content of a website, sometimes out of the need to associate the site with some element from the past, in other cases just the wish of the designer to make the website somehow different and unique. Anyhow, websites developed in retro style look really smashing. Accurately executed, they create a nostalgic atmosphere, wake the memories of the past, finally, they are simply stylish and not boring.

So what are retro and vintage designs made of?

First of all images. Old vehicles, old devices, old packaging, old photos and illustrations from magazines, photos of famous people of the time, old-styled signs, scrapbooks, torn, used yellowish paper with stains textures.

The next important thing is a color palette. It of course depends on the period of time you aim to represent. Dark, dirty colors (brown, dark red, dark blue, bottle-green), yellowish and beige are often used in retro (1910s-1940s) websites, in vintage ones (1950s -1980s) bright, pop-art colors are more often met.

And the last but not the least – retro founts. Typefaces can make your website a masterpiece or completely destroy it. So be careful when choosing a font.

Here are some examples of retro and vintage web templates, developed by our designers:

Writer flash template

Video portfolio XML flash template

Horse club flash template

Movie producer flash template

Graphic and web design flash template

Well, remember - the best wine comes out of an old vessel. So don’t be afraid to go back in time.

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