Photography is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. It allows us to catch emotions, carry memories and even invent imaginary worlds. And I’m pretty sure there is no even a single photographer who would’t like to show his works to the mankind. The easiest and most elegant way to let the world notice you and your photography masterpieces is of course online photo gallery.
FlashMint offers you a great variety of photography web templates, today I’m going to show you 10 most ingenious Full screen website templates.

What is so particular about Full screen templates? These web templates allow you to show your pictures in their most full size, the images occupy the whole browser window or to your whole monitor without any alterations in the photo itself. You can be sure your visitors will see your art works just as you want them not as a browser wants.

So, here they are, the main characters of my today’s post:

Simple style XML portfolio flash template

Online portfolio template

This stylish Flash template, built with XML will be a perfect solution for any photographer or a model’s portfolio. XML allows you an easy customization that won’t require any additional software and tech-knowledge.

Classic photography XML flash template

Photo portfolio template

If you prefer plain design and easy navigation this XML flash template will be your best choice. The ease of customization will also impress you.

Photo XML flash template

Potographer personal pages

Yet one more plainly designed and easy to operate and maintain Photo Flash XML Template will bring your visitors a joy of viewing your masterpieces.

Photo video portfolio XML flash template

Web portfolio template

If you want to show your photos and videos to the world, or you want to build a personal page to share family videos and photos with your friends and relatives this XML Flash Template will be a great solution.

Interactive XML flash template

Photo Flash XML template

Want to build a web presence for your design studio? This stylish XML Flash Template will be the ideal choice for you. Showcase your video and photo works and even web products with it’s easy to edit galleries.

Pink Photo Gallery XML Flash Template

Foto gallery template

Girls will love this one. Designed in pink this marvelous photo gallery XML Flash Template will be the most fresh and ingenious solution for a feminine photographer.

Dark photo away3D XML template

Photo portfolio flash template

Want to bring some live action to your online portfolio? This revolutionary 3D website template is the best for you! The plain and stylish design along with the marvelous 3D features will for sure impress your visitors.

Magic rainbow away3d XML flash template

Pictures web template

This 3D Flash Template is designed to become the most creative and exclusive solution for every photographer or an artist who would like to impress hes visitors and bring some action to his website.

Color splash papervision 3d flash template

Photos template

If you’d like to bring some interactivity to your online portfolio then this 3D Flash Template is designed especially for you. Amaze your visitors with the most ingenious website and your creative art works.

Bubbles away3d XML flash template

Foto portfolio template

Leave your competitors behind with this 3D flash Templates of the future, bring interactivity to your website and make your visitors come back to you again and again.

So, what do you prefer black and white or color photography?

bookmark bookmark bookmark bookmark bookmark bookmark bookmark bookmark are proud to present the new product – Business Flash CMS templates. They are exceptional among what is offered to small and medium size companies in terms of their usability and pricing. This combination of features makes them a perfect tool for creating a business website.

The key feature of Business CMS templates is their User Control Panel. Due to it you do need no additional software to modify a flash template. Within one hour a user without programming background can do the following:

  • change the company name, slogan, logo, background, texts, copyright;
  • change the colors of the menu, copyright, company name and slogan;
  • upload the sound track in MP3 format.

This is how the user control panel looks:

Control Panel of Business CMS Templates

You can add, delete and edit web pages by means of the page wizard. View the screenshots of steps 1-3:

Page Wizard Of Business CMS Templates

Paze Wizard of Business CMS Templates

Page Wizard Of Business CMS Templates

The interface for editing pages looks like this:

Interface For Editing Page

Here is what a user can easily do with the created pages:

  • edit a menu title;
  • edit all the texts due to the built-in text editor;
  • add, edit, delete blocks and change their order;
  • edit contact form fields;
  • update the news feed

And the last, but not the least, feature of Business CMS templates is their competitive prices. The highest price is currently only $80. So, all this makes Business CMS templates the most cost-saving and the quickest tool for creating a small or a medium-sized business website.

More information on Business CMS templates is available here

And here is how the newly launched Business CMS templates look like:

Consulting Flash CMS Template 2220

Consulting Flash CMS Template

View live demo here

Business Group Flash CMS Template 2219

Business Group Flash CMS Template

View live demo here

Insurance Business Flash CMS Template 2218

Insurance Business Flash CMS Template

View live demo here

Trade Company CMS Flash Template 2217

Trade Company CMS Flash Template

View live demo here

bookmark bookmark bookmark bookmark bookmark bookmark bookmark bookmark

Photo portfolio website templates have become extremely popular among the customers of Flashmint. For the time being there have been created about a hundred portfolio templates. Why they are so demanded can be explained in terms of their appealing web design and flash effects, wide range of layouts and affordability. Among photography portfolio templates there are also Flex CMS Flash templates, a unique creation from Flashmint web developers.

I have selected 10 photo portfolio templates which stand out among the rest with their original web design and prime functionality. This round-up is not only a chance for us to view the cream of web templates development, but also a great possibility to express our gratitude to all our web masters who make the greatest contribution to our triumph in this field.

Settle back comfortably in your chair and enjoy this set of ten portfolio templates. I am sure that you will definitely find something appealing to you no matter what you are working on, your personal or your customer’s project. This is it…

Photographer website CMS v2 flash template 2208

Flash Template 2208

View Live Demo here

Photography website CMS flash template 2207

CMS Flash Template 2207

View Live Demo here
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1. Could you explain to people who don’t know, what Xpellshop is?

At first there only was, a very nice website, coded in Swish with 3D animations. It caused a sensation and we got many awards for our website. After that we started creating further websites and then we decided to sell them as templates. In such a way was born in 2003.

Xpellshop offers Swish and Flash templates maintaining the highest standards of quality. We specialize in code and design of Swish templates because Swish is much cheaper than Flash and offers the same opportunities to create multimedia websites with nice effects. Our customers are mostly web designers who order our Swish templates, modify and sell them to their customers. It is really fast to buy a professional design and only make some changes in the content.

2. What was your motivation for starting Xpellshop? What was it like in the beginning?

Customers, who want to have very nice individual Flash websites, have to pay really much money. Our idea was to offer them much cheaper. To sell one design for $3500 is not so easy. But to sell a very nice design 10 - 50 times is more likely.

3. What are the core principles you use in your daily work?

It is important to work reliably and create a design that identifies the topic of the template. I also try to code the templates simply, so that customers can modify them very fast. And I make video tutorials to show them how to customize them.

When I create a Swish template, the most of work takes up the design. I try many different colors and positions and only when I see “that’s the perfect design for this topic” I start working and code the template. While coding, I start realizing how to animate it. That’s a growing process and at the end there is a (hopefully) nice template.

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Maintaining a position in front of the competitors requires constant product innovation. That is why Flashmint’s team of web masters keeps improving its website templates usability. After a successful release of Flex CMS Flash Templates we would like to introduce to you Flash CMS v2.0 templates with advanced control panel. Here is how it looks now:

flash cms templates CP

flash cms templates CP

flash cms templates CP

So, what is special about this update? All the revolutionary traits of previous Flash CMS v2.0 templates have been supplemented with more useful features. The new ones are meant to make the interface of control panel even more structured and hence more usable. They are:
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