4 Myths about Flash

When we say Flash templates we mean FlashMint, when we say FlashMint we mean Flash products (Flash design, flash websites, Flash CMS, Flash components). Everyone knows how extremely interactive and visually impressive Flash designs are. Well developed Flash websites require little bandwidth and are usually real masterpieces that are able to carry the viewer to the world of designer’s fantasy and unbelievable reality. Though being in the business for a while we constantly come across strange misbeliefs considering Flash in web design, thus today I’m going to bust those myths to give you more confidence in Flash.

#1 Flash is not SEO-friendly

This is a common misbelief that search engines like Google can not read the Flash texts. In fact Google does read inside Flash for a long time already. Here’s an article on the theme written back in 2004!

And here Adobe itself explains how SEO and Flash work together.

#2 Flash is slowly loading

Yes, Flash was slow…. ages ago. Nowadays Flash supports such data transfer/storage technologies like SWX, Native XML, SOAP, etc and the general access to broadband Flash is loading very fast. Of course if the code has been written by someone incompetent Flash may be really slow.

#3 Only few people have Flash player installed
Yes, Flash website can work only if the user has Flash player installed. But I can’t imagine where this odd myth that only few people have it installed has come from. In fact Flash is immensely popular. Of course there are groups of people that do not have Flash player and even do not know what it is, but this groups won’t be even 1% of Internet users, and do you really think these people might be your targeted audience?

#4 The content is not separated from presentation

Of course someone who is really incompetent and new to Flash development may write a mess, but experienced developers use XML for content, for presentation they use Flash movie clips and for behavior external ActionScript files. And believe me we at FlashMint do not have inexperienced and incompetent developers.

Hope the myths are busted for you, there’s no reason to not use Flash if you want your website to be unique and possess the awesome features that only Flash can give.

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