Flashmint.com are proud to present the new product – Business Flash CMS templates. They are exceptional among what is offered to small and medium size companies in terms of their usability and pricing. This combination of features makes them a perfect tool for creating a business website.

The key feature of Business CMS templates is their User Control Panel. Due to it you do need no additional software to modify a flash template. Within one hour a user without programming background can do the following:

  • change the company name, slogan, logo, background, texts, copyright;
  • change the colors of the menu, copyright, company name and slogan;
  • upload the sound track in MP3 format.

This is how the user control panel looks:

Control Panel of Business CMS Templates

You can add, delete and edit web pages by means of the page wizard. View the screenshots of steps 1-3:

Page Wizard Of Business CMS Templates

Paze Wizard of Business CMS Templates

Page Wizard Of Business CMS Templates

The interface for editing pages looks like this:

Interface For Editing Page

Here is what a user can easily do with the created pages:

  • edit a menu title;
  • edit all the texts due to the built-in text editor;
  • add, edit, delete blocks and change their order;
  • edit contact form fields;
  • update the news feed

And the last, but not the least, feature of Business CMS templates is their competitive prices. The highest price is currently only $80. So, all this makes Business CMS templates the most cost-saving and the quickest tool for creating a small or a medium-sized business website.

More information on Business CMS templates is available here

And here is how the newly launched Business CMS templates look like:

Consulting Flash CMS Template 2220

Consulting Flash CMS Template

View live demo here

Business Group Flash CMS Template 2219

Business Group Flash CMS Template

View live demo here

Insurance Business Flash CMS Template 2218

Insurance Business Flash CMS Template

View live demo here

Trade Company CMS Flash Template 2217

Trade Company CMS Flash Template

View live demo here

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Web masters of Flashmint never think they have done all. No way, there’s always something new to strive for and you can very well see it from the latest products showcased at the homepage of Flashmint. This time I’d like to present you the Full screen dynamic XML flash template. It has several advanced distinguishing features that make it very different. Here they are; this exclusive website template is:

• a full screen template, which are not very numerous on the Net

and at the same time

• a stretched template, which fills the browser window regardless of its resolution;

• xml-driven, which means that you don’t have to have Flash soft to customize a photo gallery.

The mp3-palyer with tags and the adjustable interval between pictures in a slide-show make this web template maximum customizable.

Full Screen Dynamic XML Flash Template

Hurry up to check out this template at Flashmint.

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Flashmint Contest

The festival of creativity is going to take place at Flashmint.com. We are announcing a Contest for Flashmint Blog Design to begin at August, 1st. Those of you with creative minds are welcomed to participate and Flashmint will reward the most creative and original works generously.

So, here is what we need - a custom WordPress theme for our FlashMint Blog.

It should come with the following features:

  • 3 columns;
  • fixed width (optimized to 1024×768 resolution) and widget support;
  • coded;
  • the colors and style of the theme should correspond to Flashmint design!

How it works? Just submit a zip file and a screenshot (300*300px) in the submission form below from August, 1st  till September, 1st. The winner, chosen by our team, will be announced in next 2-3 days and get the prize money - $500.
But keep in mind that all other worthy designs will be showcased at Flashmint blog along with the links to their developers’ websites.

Note that if your wordpress design is not chosen as winning, you are allowed to use it for any purposes providing that there are not any graphics associated with Flashmint in it.

To make your work on design easier, we are providing you with the The PSD of Flashmint logo so that you could apply it for your future design. Download it here

Hurry up! There’s not much time left.

But this is not all! The second part of the contest is of great interest for the bloggers. Bring the largest number of visitors to our website from August, 1st till September, 1st! The prizes are $300, $200 and $100 for the bloggers who will have attracted the first, second, third largest number of visitors respectively.

What should you do? The rules are quite simple:

  • write a blogpost about our Contest and link back to Flashmint website from your blog by adding a code fragment into the post. Get the code here.
  • OR

  • just add the code fragment under your latest post. Get the code here.
  • Surely you can make minor changes in the text of the paragraph at your discretion, the only request is to leave the anchor texts just as they are, and the links should be “dofollow”.

And if you do not feel confident that your blog can attract a highly competitive number of visitors, do not hesitate to participate!  ALL the other participants whose blogs will not have scored enough referrers for the first three places will get a free PR 4 backlink to their website. Good luck!

Submit Your Wordpress Design Here:

  1. required
  2. required
  3. Captcha

cforms contact form by delicious:days

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Maintaining a position in front of the competitors requires constant product innovation. That is why Flashmint’s team of web masters keeps improving its website templates usability. After a successful release of Flex CMS Flash Templates we would like to introduce to you Flash CMS v2.0 templates with advanced control panel. Here is how it looks now:

flash cms templates CP

flash cms templates CP

flash cms templates CP

So, what is special about this update? All the revolutionary traits of previous Flash CMS v2.0 templates have been supplemented with more useful features. The new ones are meant to make the interface of control panel even more structured and hence more usable. They are:
Continue Reading

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A new updated version of Adobe Flash Player has been released by Adobe Systems Incorporated. This edition is now at the disposal of two main search engines on the web- Google and Yahoo! Google is already using it while Yahoo! specialists are still working on its implementation.

The new function available in this new version of Player consists in indexing dynamic content of swf-objects. This will be achieved by the bot acting like a virtual visitor clicking on buttons and links etc which will download dynamic content of Flash (and Flex) sites invisible to bots before.

So, rather good news, I should say. Google has been able to index Flash to some extend before and now this ability has been substantially enhanced. Flash-skeptics can leave their worries aside and let web masters create RIA with their stunning looks.

From now on you can enjoy the benefits of Flashmint’s Flash templates without worrying how SE-friendly they are. They are Google-friendly and will soon be Yahoo!-friendly. So, this is a new milestone in further making Flash a common sight on the web.

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