FlashMint continues implementing technological novelties unceasingly following contemporary trends of web development industry. Today we are happy to present you another innovation which implies new design solution for those involved in blogging on the basis of Wordpress platform - Flash Animated Wordpress Themes!

These Wordpress Themes comprise advanced possibilities for your blog allowing to use interactive options within it. You can support your site with sound effects and live action which will add vivacity and make it the most stunning one. Flash Animated Wordpress Themes are enhanced with flash header and animated menu and thus will give your weblog the most impressive look embodying contemporary technologies and progressive high-grade design. Establishing your website on the basis of Flash Animated Wordpress Themes you may be sure of its successful presentation and stylish appearance which will be highly evaluated by every viewer.

Our premium Flash Animated Wordpress Themes include new plugins support for making your blog management more advanced and convenient than before. Now your blog will be distinguished by improved paging navigation options, easy email subscription and flash animated tag cloud where tags are rotated in 3D. Flash Animated Wordpress themes also possess innovative options for displaying your content allowing to attach videos and organizing your photos in galleries. All the image files added to your blog will be presented on the side panel and supported by widget. If you want to make some changes to your blog you can easily operate it with simple clicks from the Admin Panel managing posts, adding keywords and descriptions to the main page, and implementing other necessary modifications. Though FlashMint offers premium Flash Animated Wordpress Themes distinguished both by superior quality and exclusive design you still have the possibility to customize any of the layouts according to your particular requirements.

FlashMint is always glad to help you get the most beneficial results from your work. So stay in touch and be a success with us!

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Meet some extra special proposition from Flashmint.com today!
We have prepared four stunning Wordpress themes (designed for WordPress 2.7 version) available totally free for you to launch your vivid weblog.

You may download the designs via links listed below; these WordPress skins are versatile and will perfectly suit any kind of blog. Besides present Wordpress themes go with source files and PSD for customizing and editing them in accordance with your requirements. No matter whether you have just decided to start up your first blog or are an experienced webmaster you will be impressed by unique and advanced design of the themes Flashmint has created for you.
All of these Wordpress themes are granted for your personal purposes only and cannot be used for any commercial goals. Mind that you are not allowed to resell and distribute these designs or claim them as your own creation. You can not remove the Flashmint.com link from any of the present themes as well. Otherwise FlashMint will consider it copyright law violation and take necessary measures. Downloading of these free WordPress templates and their using implies that you are familiar with the terms of use for our products.

So here we go with our free blog designs.

Thunderstorm WordPress Theme

Free WordPress Theme

Preview and Download

Cerulean WordPress Theme

Free WordPress template

Preview and Download

Blurring WordPress Theme

Free WordPress skin

Preview and Download

Spicey Chocolate WordPress Theme

Free WordPress layout

Preview and Download

All right, this was what we call FlashMint Free WordPress Themes Part 1, so do not forget to subscribe to our blog feed to stay tuned with new templates and themes releases.
Make use of good-looking qualitative WP themes from FlashMint and enjoy your blogging!

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