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FlashMint, leader in Flash industry, is deservedly given that name. Flash Designs is what we do best. But our main priority is you, we are here to bring you the most convenient solutions, thus if you are interested in Flash and you share our passion to everything Flash, than this post will gladden you, because here we’ve gathered the most interesting links on Awards-winning Flash designs that inspire, as well as Flash tutorials to help you embody your inspiration, plus Flash related websites every Flash developer should know. Thus, enjoy!

Best Flash animation site - The best Flash design is picked here every week. You can submit your own work and see if people appraise it. The site itself is full of inspirational ideas.

Best Web Gallery - This awesome gallery showcases the most inspirational CSS and Flash designs. A truly captivating resource.

The Favorite website awards - Be careful when browsing this website, you can stuck there for ages. It is the most infusive resource featuring the most creative Flash designs out there.

Flash in the Pan  - This design awards website showcases the best Flash designs and Flash websites out there. You can submit your own Flash works and win prizes as well.

CWA - Here are the world’s Top Flash websites awarded. Great resource for inspiration.

Daymare town - This is an awesome example of how Flash can be used. Truly amazing Flash game you may find inspiring.

I bet you’ve found some inspiration at the websites above and now you want to make something like that yourself. Well, here are some useful Flash tutorials for you:

Flash CS4 Tutorial - Learn the basics if you are new to Flash. This tutorial will introduce you to the the Flash CS4 workspace and tools and basic techniques of creating Flash animation.

Creating Flash banner - This nice tutorial will teach you how to create your own beautiful Flash banner.

Very Advanced Business Flash Menu - This is a great tutorial that will teach you not only how to design a nice menu for your website but also such useful things like how to animate it and apply action script code on it and many more.

The tech labs - Awesome website featuring the great number of interesting and useful tutorials.

Beginning and advanced flash tutorials - Here you will find a very good list of tutorials both for beginners and experienced Flash developers.

And finally - couple of links every Flash developer might find interesting:

Flash magazine- A great resource of information on Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, Swift3D, SVG and everything related to them.

The Flash blog - Great weblog on everything Flash featuring news and tons of useful information.

If you have other links to add to the list, please post them in your comments.

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