You won’t argue that Flash is an awesome technology. Used appropriately it can create the most incredible and breath-taking pieces of creative web design. Surfing the web I constantly come across websites designed with Flash, some of them are good, some are not, and some are really awesome. These awesome samples of Flash in web design I’m going to show you today.
Well, the top5 of Flash websites:



The use of Flash makes this design studio website a very nice example of interactive web design. I won’t name this site the most amazing Flash based one, but it definitely deserves to be named at this chart.

#4 Aksident


Another good example of interactivity in web design. I find the navigation of this website to be incredible, the design is plain and the use of photography just amazes. Very good piece of Flash web design.
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As you remember, not a long time ago we have completely redesigned FlashMint website. Now, as you see, we have our blog redesigned as well, so that it perfectly fits our new website looks.
Well, what has been changed? The blog used to be two columns right sidebar, now, as you see, it is three columns. The tag cloud is still here at the right side and the main navigation is now to the left. The blog color is changed from green to white. And the header! Do you like it? I’m completely in love with it. Our designers did a great job.
Well, in addition here are some inspiring blog designs for you to have a look at. They all are very different but the creative touch and artistic approach unites them into a great resource of inspiration.


I choose this one because of the beautiful header and very nice colour sheme.

!f istanbul 2008

Well, the reason I choose this blog to show you is quite obvious - the header. Isn’t it just hilarious? :)


I liked the color palette of this blog and very interesting graphics at the header.

Ali Felski

Watercolors, some romantic touch and here you go - the inspiring blog design is ready.

No MILK Today ° Webdesign Milky Blog °

I believe the design of this blog is just awesome from top to bottom. Dont’ you think so either?

Kohette WebDesign | Diseño, Programación Web y más

Another romantic design, very light and delicate.

Pop Culture Tees

It’s pop art, and pop art is always awesome.

So, do you think our new design is as much inspiring as the blogs mentioned above?

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The end of year 2008 has shown some new tendencies in web design that tend to develop further in 2009. The glossy buttons, lustrous looks are left for business websites, more and more artistic web sites are designed with a touch of hand made. Photo galleries, design studios, art-connected websites, music bands personal pages tend to have elements of grunge and vintage, collages and sketches.

Grungy designs have been on stage for quite a long time, but this year more and more music websites and blogs will be designed with lavished backgrounds and dirty looks.

Design Studio Template

Musician Web Template

Medium Web Template

Old school drawings, illustrations and photos bring nostalgic atmosphere and somehow this atmosphere becomes more popular nowadays. Use some vintage pictures at the background and make your website trendy looking.

Art Design Studio Template

Film Maker Template

Sketches and hand writing at the background definitely make designs more lively. If you want to make your website a bit more personal, to have a light human touch than this is the best artistic method for you.

Fashio Business Template

Video Portfolio Template

Collages are a great way of mixing elements together. Before Photoshop collages used to be popular, it seems now they are heading back into web design becoming more popular than ever.

Music Maker Template

Do you think these trends will leave web 2.0 looks behind?

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Photography is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. It allows us to catch emotions, carry memories and even invent imaginary worlds. And I’m pretty sure there is no even a single photographer who would’t like to show his works to the mankind. The easiest and most elegant way to let the world notice you and your photography masterpieces is of course online photo gallery.
FlashMint offers you a great variety of photography web templates, today I’m going to show you 10 most ingenious Full screen website templates.

What is so particular about Full screen templates? These web templates allow you to show your pictures in their most full size, the images occupy the whole browser window or to your whole monitor without any alterations in the photo itself. You can be sure your visitors will see your art works just as you want them not as a browser wants.

So, here they are, the main characters of my today’s post:

Simple style XML portfolio flash template

Online portfolio template

This stylish Flash template, built with XML will be a perfect solution for any photographer or a model’s portfolio. XML allows you an easy customization that won’t require any additional software and tech-knowledge.

Classic photography XML flash template

Photo portfolio template

If you prefer plain design and easy navigation this XML flash template will be your best choice. The ease of customization will also impress you.

Photo XML flash template

Potographer personal pages

Yet one more plainly designed and easy to operate and maintain Photo Flash XML Template will bring your visitors a joy of viewing your masterpieces.

Photo video portfolio XML flash template

Web portfolio template

If you want to show your photos and videos to the world, or you want to build a personal page to share family videos and photos with your friends and relatives this XML Flash Template will be a great solution.

Interactive XML flash template

Photo Flash XML template

Want to build a web presence for your design studio? This stylish XML Flash Template will be the ideal choice for you. Showcase your video and photo works and even web products with it’s easy to edit galleries.

Pink Photo Gallery XML Flash Template

Foto gallery template

Girls will love this one. Designed in pink this marvelous photo gallery XML Flash Template will be the most fresh and ingenious solution for a feminine photographer.

Dark photo away3D XML template

Photo portfolio flash template

Want to bring some live action to your online portfolio? This revolutionary 3D website template is the best for you! The plain and stylish design along with the marvelous 3D features will for sure impress your visitors.

Magic rainbow away3d XML flash template

Pictures web template

This 3D Flash Template is designed to become the most creative and exclusive solution for every photographer or an artist who would like to impress hes visitors and bring some action to his website.

Color splash papervision 3d flash template

Photos template

If you’d like to bring some interactivity to your online portfolio then this 3D Flash Template is designed especially for you. Amaze your visitors with the most ingenious website and your creative art works.

Bubbles away3d XML flash template

Foto portfolio template

Leave your competitors behind with this 3D flash Templates of the future, bring interactivity to your website and make your visitors come back to you again and again.

So, what do you prefer black and white or color photography?

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We discussed here the non-stop technological innovations and constantly upgrading technologies not once, and not just once FlashMint has proven to be the first in Flash development. And today we will prove it yet again.
FlashMint is proud to announce the launch of a brand new revolutionary product - Flash CMS v3 Templates. These new Flash website templates are developed with due consideration of your comfort and your web presence ever-changing needs.

flash cms templates

Check Photo studio CMS v3 flash template

So lets find out what is so special about these templates and how they differ from CMS v1 and CMS v2.
The admin panel in CMS v3 is built with Flex, not php as in previous versions v1 and v2.
Here’s how it looks now:

Flash CMS v3 admin panel

Check the admin panel in action. (Use password 123).

So what are the new incredible features?
First of all CMS v3 allows you to have as many text pages as you wish. Opposed to 5 pages available in CMS v2 this change is huge.

Absolute photo studio CMS v3 flash template

Check Absolute photo studio CMS v3 flash template

Flash CMS v3 templates are SEO friendly. Now you can add page title and keywords to your index page:

Another huge change is the new functional buttons giving you an opportunity to sell your products right from your website. These buttons will make your work more cumfortable.

Your galleries are not limited in any way. You can easily add and edit them. Besides, you are now able to rotate, crop, resize and anyhow edit your images right on your website and easily search the images and galleries.

You can now modify and configure your menu, set a default page and change it when you wish to with the new menu editor.

And as every other FlashMint templates these Flash CMS v3 website templates have the most quality and professional designs.

 Deep space portfolio CMS v3 template

Have a look at Deep space portfolio CMS v3 template

To have your incredible Flash CMS v3 website all up and running you need a web host that features php hosting and is dom_xml enabled.

If you need a professionally designed, easily operational and editable web template for your personal page, online portfolio or even an eCommerce these Flash CMS v3 templates are the perfect solution. They are created to be just that.

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