Top5 Websites built with Flash

You won’t argue that Flash is an awesome technology. Used appropriately it can create the most incredible and breath-taking pieces of creative web design. Surfing the web I constantly come across websites designed with Flash, some of them are good, some are not, and some are really awesome. These awesome samples of Flash in web design I’m going to show you today.
Well, the top5 of Flash websites:



The use of Flash makes this design studio website a very nice example of interactive web design. I won’t name this site the most amazing Flash based one, but it definitely deserves to be named at this chart.

#4 Aksident


Another good example of interactivity in web design. I find the navigation of this website to be incredible, the design is plain and the use of photography just amazes. Very good piece of Flash web design.

#3 monoface


The simple Flash application presented at the website will give you some entertaining time. There are 759,375 possibilities to Build Mr. Potato Head face, go have some fun and try it yourself. :)

#2 Good Things Should Never End


This is an incredible example of what flash can do, the website is literally endless. Numerous variations of funny ways to interact, great deal of hilarious characters living on the page. I spent hours on the website when first came across of it.

#1 Get the Glass!


The most impressive Flash website I’ve ever came across of. Truly great job done. The website is particularly a Flash based game, reminding the monopoly, the objective of which is to get the glass of milk.

Do you know some more impressive websites built with Flash? Please share in comments.

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