Hey, guys, are you ready for another special offer from FlashMint? Today we are happy to announce new project startup in cooperation with our new partner - SEO Lodge.

SEO Lodge, a leading and deserving company, provides premium Search Engine Optimization services and is aimed at cooperation with small and medium-sized companies. Being the team of professionals in search engine optimization and marketing field it uses the most powerful promotional strategies to help your website become a real competitive source and reach the top of web search lists in a short time.

Professional SEO services

SEO Lodge investigates in the best way the behaviour of web searchers in order to set the most appropriate methods of search egine optimization in motion. It is known to have individual approach to every customer taking into account client’s peculiar needs and work principles. That’s why SEO Lodge examines every customer’s website carefully and brings into play the most effective methods in order for every online presence to have the highest rankings with the shortest possible delay.The main aim of SEO Lodge’s activity is to help its customers attract more users to their web presence and bring the most beneficial results from cooperation saving their time and money.

SEO Lodge has three types of packages to offer which include basic, advanced and professional SEO plans. So you are to make your choice - what kind of package will be the most suitable solution according to your own demands. But mind that with every purchase made at Flashmint.com you receive marvellous 50% discount on the first basic SEO Lodge plan.

So don’t miss the chance to get double benefit from having premium website templates and professional search engine optimization service in one.

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A new updated version of Adobe Flash Player has been released by Adobe Systems Incorporated. This edition is now at the disposal of two main search engines on the web- Google and Yahoo! Google is already using it while Yahoo! specialists are still working on its implementation.

The new function available in this new version of Player consists in indexing dynamic content of swf-objects. This will be achieved by the bot acting like a virtual visitor clicking on buttons and links etc which will download dynamic content of Flash (and Flex) sites invisible to bots before.

So, rather good news, I should say. Google has been able to index Flash to some extend before and now this ability has been substantially enhanced. Flash-skeptics can leave their worries aside and let web masters create RIA with their stunning looks.

From now on you can enjoy the benefits of Flashmint’s Flash templates without worrying how SE-friendly they are. They are Google-friendly and will soon be Yahoo!-friendly. So, this is a new milestone in further making Flash a common sight on the web.

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Today I want to share a funny thing with you, some of you might be amused, some - indignant, and others will fall to thinking. As for us, we were still entertained. But I won’t tease you anymore. Let’s stick to the point.

During last week there were a lot of questions from our customers if just-launched Flashmint.net is our project? Some of them even congratulated with a new start-up. And here is an official statement - we bear no relation to flashmint.net or its products. And we are not responsible for its templates quality, support or orders verification process.

But we could not just stay at this point, leave it as is and continue misleading our customers. We contacted flashmint.net owner several times and of course there was no answer. Then we looked up at Whois Search Tool. It showed that this domain name was registered on April 7, 2008 by Panama company Jetimpex Inc.

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Mesmerizing interactivity offered by Flash web-sites runs the risk of being left completely inconspicuous since Flash web-pages do not rank well with search engines. This problem has been attracting attention of web-developers for quite a long time already and it seems that no perfect solution has been offered so far.

Does Google index your .swf files?
The frequent question “Does Google index your .swf files?�? seems to have been answered by the company. “Google reads Flash, so optimize it�? is the title of the post on the News.com. It describes how Google implements Adobe Systems’ Search Engine SDK technology. However, the results are not absolute and further improvements are awaited, but the web developers can start optimizing the content of the Flash sites. Another good tool to supplement SDK is SE-Flash.com. It checks how appealing your text for a search engine is after you have applied SDK.

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