We’ve been discussing the importance of having a photo portfolio for photographer not once and even not twice. Being a photographer you know many technical doo-dads but I bet you do not know how to actually build yourself a professional online portfolio in the easiest way. Well, here’s the most simple and reliable way for you.

First of all visit FlashMint web templates gallery, particularly – photography category and choose the website template that will suit your art works in the most attractive way. There are hundreds of Flash templates that have many different features and peculiarities so check them all carefully before making a choice.

Now when you have a perfect web template chosen, make a selection of your best art works to include to the portfolio. This may be a time consuming process, but do not make haste, take your time and remember that 20 awesome photos are better than 100 good ones. You can always add new art works to your galleries as time goes by.

Well, when you have all photos selected and galleries thought-out you need to customize your website template and add your photos and galleries. Most of FlashMint web templates allow you to do that yourself, but if you are not sure of your skills and just would like to have a professional assistance in this issue our Customization department will gladly help.

Well, the final thing you need to do when creating a professional photo portfolio is to get yourself a recognizable domain name and have your website hosted by a reliable web hosting provider. There are hundreds of them on the Net, but we suggest Happy@Net. This is the most trustworthy web host you can find. That’s why we partner them :)

Well, that’s it. Now you have your professional photo portfolio stuffed with your magnificent art works all up and running. Be successful with FlashMint web templates. ;)

Here are some more ideas on how to build your photo portfolio:
Step by step tutorial on how to build your online portfolio. 8 simple steps fulfilled and you have your nice gallery online.

Small tutorial on how to create a tangible portfolio. Good advice on how to choose the theme and art works for your portfolio and show it to public.

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