Since Magento, an open source ecommerce web application, offers only one stock theme, it is doubtful that it will suit everyone. Not only that each store must have a unique look, different types of commerce inevitably do have their own feel and flavor. An electronic store design will look odd and out of place if applied to clothing store. Therefore template designers cater for different branches of commerce. What’s beautiful about Magento themes in particular is that they can be switched over without affecting the store content, layout or functionality. And as you may see below quite a few of them are responsive.



Furniture Store Magento Responsive Theme


 Home Furniture Magento Theme


Clothing and Accessories Magento Theme


Lingerie Magento Theme


Man Fashion And Style Template For Magento


Fashion Accessory Magento Theme


Fashion Magento Theme


Clothes Store Magento Template


Clothes Store Magento Theme


Clothes Magento Template


Portable Electronics Magento Theme


Electronics Tablets Phones Magento Theme


Home Electronics Magento Template


Electronics Store Magento Theme


First Aid Magento Theme


Drug Store Magento Template


Scuba Diving Equipment Magento Template


Auto Parts Magento Template


Motorcycle Gear Template For Magento

Jewelry Template For Magento

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