Yep, you are right, FlashMint has gone mad and instead of rising up the prices we are actually lowering them. From now on the price on every osCommerce template from FlashMint diverse collection is twice lower! This means that FlashMint osCommerce designs are the cheapest eCommerce templates you can find. And this is not a short-term offer, the price on our osCommerce skins is to be that low forever!
So, if you plan to launch an online store it is about high time to start choosing a template that will suit your ecommerce business best.

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In the rapid market of web templates filled with authoritative competitors offering a huge deal of professional website templates, premium flash templates, Swish, CSS and HTML templates and of course osCommerce templates, do you think there might be a need for the new template products featured as Flash eCommerce Templates?

To make it clear, Flash eCommerce Templates are the pre-designed skins for the web stores and eShops that include the main eCommerce features and key elements but enhanced with delicious Flash animation and admin panel developed on Flex technology. With the help of Flash eCommerce Templates one will be able to create, manage and administer fully functional high quality online shops with fabulous design developed in Flash with no technical knowledge at all.

If you base your Internet store on Flash eCommerce Template, you will be able to easily add new products and categories via site admin panel. You should not be a real geek to manage site admin since Flex technology does not require deep knowledge like Flash. However, you and your store visitors will still enjoy all the advantages and benefits of professional Flash animation.

While searching for such an approach, I’ve been managed to come across with osCommerce templates enhanced with Flash animated headers only; but could not find a single eCommerce template developed all in Flash. Have you seen this before? Or have you already heard about Flash osCommerce templates? If yes, please provide us the links where we could have a look since we think that Flash eCommerce templates might become an exciting breakthrough in the global eTrading.

To conclude, do you think Flash eCommerce Templates are what Template industry is missing? Will Flash eCommerce Templates be popular among web developers and common online shop owners? Are you willing to see the principally new approach to eCommerce designs? Please share your thoughts and ideas with Flashmint.

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