5 Firefox Plugins Every Developer Must Have

FlashMint is always on the point of supporting you with useful and constructive tips on modern web technologies and extensions. Today we will speak about the most powerful tools for web developers working with Mozilla Firefox browser - specifically 5 Firefox must have plugins.

1. Web Developer
Web Developer is the most potent Firefox plugin for the web developers as it tends to provide you with extremely useful options. Its awesome features include the possibility of finding broken images, clearing cookies, viewing any element parent class, running a DOM editor and what not easier than you could ever imagine. And you can make use of all these amazing options just from one menu with simple mouse clicks.

2. Firebug
This tool makes it easier for web developers to monitor and edit CSS, HTML and Javascript codes within any web browser. You can run Firebug in a separate window or just in the browser bar, and everytime you need to work with your pages it gives you plenty of necessary information so you can edit them live. Besides, Firebug will help to understand what prevents your pages from quick loading, find the code errors, illustrate all the sizes and margins for you as for the CSS metrics and will ease your work with Javascript profiler.

3. Flash Switcher
This software is a very useful one for those who are involved in Flash developing. With its help you can easily test your pages with different versions of flash player. Flash Switcher is supplemented with all flash player plugins so you have the possibility to switch quickly from one to another or even remove some of them, e.g. to test the plugin install. Flash Switcher will help you to identify your code compatibility with all current versions of Flash.

4. FireShot
Fireshot is a Firefox extension that allows you making screenshots of your entire website’s pages as well as the selected fragments or current windows providing you with necessary editing options to modify the captures and supply them with text explanations if needed. So if you need to send screenshots to your customers or make a portfolio Fireshot will appear an ideal tool.

5. ColorZilla
This is a tool that will be much appreciated by graphic designers as it helps web developers to simplify accomplishing of any color related tasks. Using ColorZilla you can easily adjust colors and paste them from your browser to another programs. ColorZilla is provided with built-in palette browser with color sets allowing you to choose the appropriate tints and colors quickly. ColorZilla is definitely a brilliant solution when you are in need of some new graphic creation.

We hope each of you will make use of these pieces of advice we have prepared today. For its part FlashMint will continue supporting you in every possible way and your feedback and ideas are greatly appreciated!


4 Responses to “5 Firefox Plugins Every Developer Must Have”

  1. poy Says:

    And HTTPFox :


  2. Scott Says:

    How could there be a TOP 5 without Ubiquity.


  3. Kamal Panhwar Says:

    You should also add links to all add ons, so visitor can easily get information about intended addons.

    Nice collection of addons, I specially love firebug.

  4. pire Says:

    Nice addons, I specially love firebuggggggggggggggggg :)

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