The Future of 3D Galleries Begins Here

It is a common knowledge that technology is on the move, there’s a new thing developed every second.

The web today is completely different from what it used to be few years ago, it has moved from text to images and animation, to sound and video, and 3D.

Keeping up with the times Flashmint is announcing a launch of a new mind-blowing product - Web Templates with 3D galleries. Starting from today you can download this miraculous achievement of technology from our web templates collection.

So what is so peculiar about 3D galleries we offer? With 3D Flash Templates you are given an incredible opportunity to interact with your visitors, bringing more interest to your website.

Away3d Flash XML Template

Powered by Away3D and Papervision 3D Flash engines which had proven to be the best ones, our 3D galleries are the future of Flash web development.

Papervision3D is a simple and easy to use high performance 3D engine for Flash 8, that has linear texture mapping, optimized for rendering speed and quality among it’s main features.

Away3d Flash XML Template

While Away 3D was originally derived from Papervision3D it became a completely different engine with it’s own remarkable features like wonderful shaders and the most different types of parsers to name a few.

Among the many ways our 3D galleries can be used are photo galleries and eCommerce templates (these templates are powered with Papervision 3D engine) and video galleries that will be launched in the nearest future. All our 3D galleries web templates can be easily customized with XML, isn’t it a breakthrough in Flash templates customization?

And a one more announcement - we are working hard to launch an Administrative Web Interface in a month or two to give you even more ease of use with your 3D galleries templates.
Join the progress today, become interactive with the 3D galleries, make yourself a part of the future.

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