Video Templates Come Just In Time For Those Who Need Video Websites

Flashmint.com has been providing web design solutions for several years already. Our primary wish is to make our customer feel satisfied responding to all their needs and demands. This is what has caused the appearance of the category - Video Templates. They are still not numerous in quantity, but we have made every effort to widen their range and took into consideration our customers’ suggestions and feedback.

Video Templates are ideal solution for your video portfolio; whoever you are and whatever you are doing with them. If making video recordings is your cup of tea and you are good at it, it is high time to start selling your services. And this is where video website templates can be very useful. They are very conveniently and creatively designed and help to arrange your video works in a very special and yet comprehensible way. In case you are an amateur and don’t want to make business and just want to display your creation, a video web design template would be a perfect final touch to make your works look professional.

Photo video portfolio XML flash template is a perfect tool to combine video photography works in one portfolio. The template features animation and nice transitions.

Video XML flash template 2148 is a wonderful template with an outstanding design. The intro and navigation bar merge into one unity.

Video XML flash template 2073 is created in black-and-orange colors giving it an eye-catching appearance. The video site template has an interesting preloader.

Video portfolio flash template 1587 is another video template with a very appealing design. I am sure, I you’ll like it.

Feel free to leave here your wishes and suggestions about what you’d like our Video Templates to feature. They will be helpful indeed as Flashmint is constantly developing more new and variable Flash Templates.

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2 Responses to “Video Templates Come Just In Time For Those Who Need Video Websites”

  1. Greg Lynch says:

    I like the combination of the video and the photography. It’s a template I’m looking for. I just wish the design wasn’t so annoying. I’d like it to be stationary, so I can look at all the photos or videos and just get the one I want rather than waiting for it to scroll back and forth. If you could combine the pink flamingo with some video attributes, it would be a big seller. At least on my part.

  2. roy_77 says:

    The template is great, but the only thing I would change is the video porfolio, the quality of the video is awful.

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