Flashmint.com starts Xmas and New Year contest.

Write “www.FlashMint.com” at some original and unusual place or scene, take a picture of it, send it to FlashMint and get $850 in cash. Nice gift on the threshold of holidays, isn’t it?

The contest actually consists of two parts and you are free to take part in both of them or pick only one that you feel passionate about. However, let’s relate the contest parts as they take place.

Starting from today, we are launching a Christmas giveaway of $500 to the best shot of “www.FlashMint.com” and make sure you send it to us within one month, that is prior to December, 15.

Anyone from around the world can enter the contest with no age restrictions. We will publish all the submitted pictures at our blog allowing everyone to review the shots and to get inspiration from them. This may be anything from “www.FlashMint.com” written on your car bumper to the sign on the roof of the skyscraper. (We are not responsible for any damage or self-injury you may get within the contest participation.)

We do not limit you in the number of photos you may send us, we will publish the best of them at our blog. However, please note that you should choose only one picture for the contest voting.

Entries must be received by Monday, December 15, 2008, at 11:59 p.m. EST. After the contest period expires (December, 15) there starts the 1 week voting.
You may also publish the picture at your website, blog, social network page and encourage anyone to support your entry and vote for it. This may be your relatives, friends or anyone you know. Besides, if you submit your shot at your own blog and send us the link, we will add 10 voting points even before the voting starts.
Interested in getting these points? Then please insert this code into your web page: Get the code here.

However please note that you may not spam or send bulk emails requesting to vote for your entry.

For this 30 day competition, please send us the high quality pictures with no Adobe Photoshop used; however, minor digital enhancement is permitted. Our Photoshop experts will easily disclose all your tricks, so this will not make sense to anyone to cheat on the contest.

Every visitor can vote for the photo he/she likes and we count the votings. However we do check votings from inside (IP of the voter, etc.) and cancel cheating votes + blacklist cheaters.

We also must have a way to contact you if you win a prize, please bear this in mind as well.

Every author sending the photo on the competition wants to hear the reference about it, so we would like to invite you to vote more actively on the website :). And, of course, your comments and notes are more than welcome. Because everybody wants to see any kind of replies about his/her work.

Any of your entries will never be used by FlashMint in any manner for advertising or sale without author’s permission. Photos must be appropriate for posting on a public website. Obscene, provocative or otherwise questionable content will not be considered. FlashMint retains sole discretion as to what constitutes inappropriate content.

So, think of the best and most genuine image and fly to the contest to get $500 in cash.

Happy competition and may the most creative one win! ;)

But this is not all! The second part of the contest is of great interest for the blogging community. Bring the largest number of visitors to our website from November, 17 till December, 15 and win $200, $100 or $50 for attracting the first, second, third largest number of visitors respectively.

What should you do? The rules are quite simple:

* write a blogpost about our Contest and link back to Flashmint website from your blog by adding a code fragment into the post: Get the code here.


* just add the code fragment under your latest post Get the code here.

Of course you may slightly change in the text of the paragraph at your discretion, the only request is to leave the anchor texts just as they are, and the links should be “dofollow”.

Thus, if you participate in both parts of the contest, you may get $850 prior to the holidays and spend this money to whatever you like.

Do not hesitate to participate even if you do not feel confident that your blog can attract a highly competitive number of visitors! Besides, we will provide a free PR 5 backlink to all participants whose blogs will not have scored enough referrers for the first three places. Both contests results will be announced on Monday, December 22. Good luck to anyone!

P.S. Below you may see the minor sample of “www.FlashMint.com” that first crossed my mind when thinking about the contest. Enjoy and feel free to comment!

FlashMint New Year Contest

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Please help us spread the word about this contest to arrange a happy competition via various social media websites. Thank you.

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36 Responses to “Flashmint.com starts Xmas and New Year contest.”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I like your creative lead-up guys! Do I have to be a professional photographer to take part? Or my 3-megapixel camera will be all right?

  2. flashmint Says:

    Hi Sarah,

    You are free to make any picture with any camera.
    Your imagination is the only critirea :)

  3. Wendy Says:

    Sounds good!
    I’d like to get involved, if only I had some mighty idea!:)

  4. flashmint Says:

    all the best to you Wendy and to everyone else willing to participate
    and may the most creative one win ;)

  5. BM Says:

    Thanks for the invite, my post is at qt.makemoneyonline-x.com

  6. Sherry Says:

    can I put your code at my right bar instead of bottom of post? Please let me know thanks

  7. Hashim Says:

    Thanks flashmint for conducting another contest. This contest seems to be very interesting. I will definitely send the pics soon..!Have entered in one part. and have written the post here.


  8. flashmint Says:

    Sherry, you may put the code wherever you think it might help you to gain more visibility about our contest and hope you will participate in the first part of the contest as well ;)

  9. flashmint Says:

    BM and HasH,
    we are waiting for the creative pics to grant you our main prize of $500 :)

  10. jal7884 Says:

    The code you postedwon’t link back to my blogpost. The top link goes to your home page but the second half gives a 404 error. not found on a page on your site

  11. Sherry Says:

    flashmint thank you for telling me I have put the code on my left bar on this blog.

  12. flashmint Says:


    what is the code you are trying to use?

  13. jal7884 Says:

    the link from above on this page.
    Go into a competition for any talented people and bloggers at Flashmint.com, a reputable Flash Designs producer, to obtain from $50 to $800. Learn the details.
    the first link goes to your home page . The second goes to this page./wp/2008/11/flashmintcom-starts-xmas-and-new-year-contest/%22%3EFind
    You can go to my blog and see for yourself http://jal7884.stumbleupon.com/

  14. flashmint Says:

    hey jal7884,

    have just checked your blog on various browsers and computers, it seems like it is working fine. Maybe you should ask some of your friends to check it one more time, anyway, let me know the result.

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  16. Narendra.s.v Says:

    sounds great and interesting :D will spin my luck in both ways ;)

  17. flashmint Says:

    best of luck to you Narendra.s.v :)

  18. topen Says:

    okay i have 4 blog post here


    where do you track, that your traffic from my site?

  19. flashmint Says:

    we’ll track all of them, topen

  20. Navjot Singh Says:

    Blogged about the contest at http://www.submityourcontest.com/win-850-cash-at-flashmintcom-x-mas-contest/

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  22. littlechar Says:


    heres the link to the post I put up on my site

  23. flashmint Says:

    welcome littlechar to the competition :)

  24. brillie Says:

    Hi.. I join both of contest. Photo contest and blog contest. I already submit my photo..
    Here.. you can check this:


  25. flashmint Says:


    the pic is beautiful, though we LOLd all together in the office :)

  26. admin Says:

    Hi Brillie!
    Hope the story will be much funny at the very end, same as the picture ;)

  27. Brillie Says:

    Yeay.. that’s funny. Anyway.. I also try to make my friends know about this really great, cool contest by making big banner so they can se. Hahaha.. LOL. So more people can join more fun its contest. Good luck everyone..

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    […] December 15 is not far off we are here to remind you that our New Year and Xmas contest will soon come to an end. So make haste to take part if you haven’t got involved yet as you […]

  29. Sherry Says:

    I have got the pic, have not post up yet.

  30. Sherry Says:

    I have post it http://anothercontest.blogspot.com/2008/12/flashmint-photo-contest.html

  31. Sherry Says:

    also post it here with pic :) http://sherrycontest.blogspot.com/2008/12/flashmint-photo-contest.html

  32. flashmint Says:

    great pictures Sherry, they remind us to have a snack :)

  33. Sherry Says:

    thank you, glad you like them. Yeah grab a snack before you go.

  34. Deby Sucha Says:

    Hi. I am taking part too.,
    Here’s my blog http://debisucha.wordpress.com
    Link to the contest : http://debisucha.wordpress.com/2008/12/14/flashmintcom-photo-contest/
    My entry: http://debisucha.wordpress.com/2008/12/14/my-entry-for-flashmintcom-photo-contest/

    Hope you guys like it =D.

  35. flashmint Says:

    nice photos Deby Sucha :)

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