Why Not Use Warez, Or Why Buy At FlashMint?

Warez trading, aka non-commercial hobby of collecting and trading copyrighted works, has been determined as a major cause of online piracy. Due to growing popularity, Flashmint could not escape this phenomenon either. So called warez distributors and collectors go on uploading on the Net weird files named “Flashmint warez”, “Flashmint torrents”, “Flashmint serial”, “Flashmint keygen”, “Flashmint crack” etc.

But this post is not about their unethical deeds but about Problems You Will Encounter if collect, distribute or download Flashmint templates illegally.

  • Be aware that 99% of Flashmint files at warez portals or torrents websites contain bugs and viruses which do not only let you use the downloaded template, but can damage your soft, hardware or any possible files. It will cost you much more expensive to restore your computer and software than buy a web template directly from Flashmint.com for $60-$90.
  • Most of warez websites require registration before letting you download so called “Flashmint templates”. As a matter, the only thing they need is your e-mail address. Guess what for? Yes, be ready to receive thousands of spam e-mails a day!
  • All web templates at Flashmint are digitally protected. It means that unique digital code embedded into each web template lets Flashmint owners monitor how products are sold and used. The aim is to prevent illegal templates usage and protect customers’ rights.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you collect, distribute or just download Flashmint cracked files, it is illegal and strongly prohibited by Flashmint Intellectual Property Policy, it means you are violating international copyright law and making yourself open to criminal prosecution.
  • By downloading and using so called “flashmint warez”, “flashmint torrents”, “flashmint serial”, “flashmint keygen”, “flashmint crack”, etc. you financially support organized crime. Remember – the piracy hurt those who pirate. Sooner or later you’ll become the victim of the very organized crime yourself.

What Benefits You Get If Buy Templates at Flashmint?

  • The first and foremost is that you get quality and affordable website or flash templates directly from producer. It means you protect yourself from any possible troubles and misunderstandings in future. Why not care about your protection?
  • If you encounter any problems with a web template installation, making changes or others, Flashmint Support will be at your help to solve your problem at the shortest time. But keep in mind, before applying to support read FAQ, unless you find a solution after that, feel free to submit a ticket.
  • Your private information such as name or e-mail address will never be disclosed to third party as it’s claimed in Flashmint Terms of Use. Also we do not have access to your payment details because all payments are hold at PayPal.com and 2co.com.
  • You order will be worked up from several minutes to a couple of hours. Agree, it’s not very long to wait for really quality product?

To conclude, everyone chooses his own way, but before - think over about the grave consequences you will have if use Flashmint templates illegally.

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3 Responses to “Why Not Use Warez, Or Why Buy At FlashMint?”

  1. Mark Says:

    Maybe you should try to contact warez sites regarding publishing your products for free?

  2. flashmint Says:

    Thanks for your advice.

    We’ve contacted such sites. The problem is that they are not responsible for any members downloads.

  3. Warez Says:

    Thx, interesting text!

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