Being our client you for sure know that FlashMint is a caring company, we like to take care of you and make your life and work not only easier but more cheerful as well. Thus, our ingenious designers and developers created a stunning Flash XML photo gallery to cheer you up and we are giving it for FREE. Isn’t it an outstanding offer? :)
You can easily embed this Flash component into your website and create yourself the most stunning image gallery in no time and without any expenses. You can use this Flash image gallery as standalone application, or as a part of CSS/HTML or Flash website.

Well, what are the features and how it works?

Free Flash XML photo gallery we are offering you today has full screen support, images autoplay support and image description tag support among it’s main features. The number of pictures you can upload to the gallery is unlimited, besides you can use any image size, the application will fit in any image. The only size you must make sure is suitable is the size of your thumbnails – they have to be 144×88 pixels.

The installation and maintenance is very easy, as you’ll have to modify only an XML file. Our developers made it the most simple and fast for you to edit and update your Flash XML photo gallery. Read how exactly it works here.
This free Flash photo gallery component might be a start of the new tradition – we plan to give more stuff for free. Thus, sign up to our RSS feed so you won’t miss more pleasantly free products from FlashMint.

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84 Responses to “Free Photo Gallery to Cheer You Up”

  1. Petr says:

    this gallery is great, but i didn´t find how start show photos from selected picture. Is this option available? P.S. I am sorry for my english:-)

  2. Dian says:

    I’ve just downloaded the files and when I open index.html I can see the thumbnails in the beginning when the page is opening but then the thumbnails disappear. What happens? Thanks

  3. flashmint says:

    Dian, please send us the link to your gallery. Thanks!

  4. scoob says:

    i just tried out the gallery but when i add more than 13 photos they do not appear.

    p.s. do you know any good program that can resize photos and creat thubnales?

    thank you

  5. Barbara says:

    Hi, i would like to know how to show always the image description’s tag, without click on i.

  6. Parvesh says:

    good looking gallery but not working after download, properly
    Please reply

  7. Tony says:

    I have an issue with your gallery. I have both your sample and my own with my images. I cant get the gallery to load the Thumbs or any images on my gallery. Is there a format other than JPG that has to be used? When I add my images to the site will not load images gets stopped with black screen and loading gallery data. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  8. Tony says:

    Hello, I like the demo and would like to use it. But I am having issues with the flash gallery. I have installed 2 versions, one with your demo. Your demo works great, while the version with my images does not. The site goes to load and then stops at loading gallery data. I have found that the problem could be the images, although I have used jpg and followed your sizes of the images. Any help would be apreciated. Thanks in advance.

  9. Curt McClain says:

    Since this is free, i don’t expect a lot of support, but i would love it if anyone could help me figure out how to do some resizing. I want to be able to do two things:

    Scale the whole gallery down to only take up part of a page..


    Get images to show the actual size instead of the full size of the space. (I put in smaller images and it stretched them to fill at the expense of the clarity.


  10. Rick says:

    Can you please tell me where to find the images.xml file?

  11. bill says:

    Yes, where is the images.xml file? It is NOT in the folder/archive that I downloaded.

  12. Michel says:

    Hi, and thanks in advance.

    When I insert more photographs, the thumbnails run into each other, creating a sort of thumbnail run on, if you get my drift. Does that mean that I should reduce the size of the thumbnails proportionally to the number of images I’ve added?

  13. flashmint says:

    Hi Michel,

    You are absolutely right. You should reduce the thumbnail size because of the page dimensions.

  14. Bill says:

    Hello, great gallery by the way.

    Just a small problem, that I’ve seen others have had. My thumbnails are shown when the gallery first loads up, yet after the main image loads the thumbnails disappear for some reason. They can come back but only if I re-size my browser window but then disappear when I click next or previous.

    Thanks in advance!

  15. Michel says:

    I seem to have a problem with Firefox and Opera. The gallery looks great in Safari, but as soon as I call it up in either Firefox or Opera, the bottom section disappears and the gallery sticks to the left side of the screen instead of remaining centered… why is this and how can I correct it?

  16. Jim says:

    Very professional look. Nice movement. One thing though – the reflections on the thumbnail shots are upside-down. Can you change that? Nice job.

  17. Ray Glover says:

    I would like to use your gallery but when it goes full screen the thumbnail scroller bar is duplicated. Is there any way to prevent this? I also have the same problem as one of the other posters about the tumbnails disappearing.
    Thanks for any help you can provide.

  18. Steve Tiedemann says:

    I used this photo gallery and it looked great when I was running it on my localhost but when I uploaded it to the website, the thumbs appear just fine but I never get the large image to appear. I did name the files with a leading capital letter.

  19. Danas says:


    First of all thank you for making such amazing gallery to be freely available for use.
    I have a question though. Is there any way to change the green color theme to another color?
    Thank you for your time!

  20. Goge says:

    Nobody answered where to find images.xml file.It’s not in the downloaded pack…Gallery is just what I need and looks great,but I’m stack with this problem.Some explanation would be more than appreciated….

  21. Goge says:

    Hi again!You could just say you made a mistake in name….And it’s not the only one….Gallery is resizing window and some features are not visible during playback..Need to reload on every click on big image,to get thumbs back….Reflection is reversed,too.It is free,true,but if you decide to share,do it right!Tnx anyway,I still like it as an idea!

  22. Belinda says:

    Hi There,
    Love the gallery, would just like to find out if it’s possible to change the background colour to white?

  23. ReRo says:

    Hi Everyone, This browser is great. The look and feel is very professional.
    I was wondering if anyone has needed to change the background colour.
    I’ve sorted the html/css side of it and got it changed but whats giving me problems is the SWF file.
    I tried decompiling it to FLA but I still fail to change the colour from Black to White…
    Anyone out there have the same issue?

  24. carlos Villanueva says:

    Buenas noches:
    Me gusta la sencillez de la aplicación. Estoy usando joomla y pregunto cómo hago para hacer que funcione en Joomla. Que tengo que hacer?
    Gracias por la información y el cable. Saludos

  25. carlos Villanueva says:

    Good night:
    I like the simplicity of the application. I am using joomla and ask how do I make it work in Joomla. I have no idea to do it?
    Thanks for the info

  26. Viktor says:


    I would like to ask you for some help. I want to implement your free flash galleri(/free/flash-gallery.php) on my web site but i need other color of background! Instead of #000000 i need #DADADA. Does exist any possibility that i get mentioned gallery? Or to send me on email .fla file and i could edit it… Thank you!

    Sincerely yours


  27. tara says:

    Hi, when i run file it’s showing some error in as
    1. Scene=Scene 1, layer=Action Layer, frame=4, Line 25 There is no property with the name ‘displayState’.

    2. Scene=Scene 1, layer=Action Layer, frame=4, Line 27 There is no property with the name ‘displayState’.

    3. Scene=Scene 1, layer=Action Layer, frame=4, Line 32 There is no property with the name ‘displayState’.

    can u please short-out the problem

  28. Maffysdad says:

    Hi Everyone…

    I’ve had to spend time going through the code (in which the index.html file in the zip folder viewing the properties using WinXP is dated 17/11/2009) to ensure it could do what I wanted, and in the process I’ve sorted out a few issues that previous users also experienced but for whom it doesn’t seem a solution was given (unless by private email), so thought I’d answer a few here, although it would be nice if the answer was published or better yet, corrected in a new release.

    I have successfully solved the following problems having tested them on the following browsers :-

    Google Chrome 18.0.1025.168 m
    Internet Explorer 7 & 8
    Opera 9 (needs Adobe plugin)
    Firefox 12

    Altering the descriptions.
    Assuming you have extracted the files, the “How To” page indicates you can edit the descriptions in the file images.xml which doesn’t exist. The actual file you are looking for is called “gallery.xml” located in “flashgallery\data”. In there you can edit the descriptions and file names as per “How To”.

    Losing the bottom picture scroll bar.
    Assuming you have extracted the files, the scroll bar can be corrected within the “index.html” file by simply altering height or width…

    For example, within the original program lines 15 and 16 shows the following :-
    ‘width’, ’100%’,
    ‘height’, ’100%’,

    I found that removing the percentage value and putting actual values was the easiest method :-
    ‘width’, ’1000′,
    ‘height’, ’820′,

    Adding more pictures.
    Adding (or removing) pictures is simple and undertaken within the file “gallery.xml” which is within “flashgallery\data” and the directory “flashgallery\gallery\1″ where the full size and thumb pics are stored.

    1. To add a picture place the full size picture which we will call “example.jpg” into the directory “flashgallery\gallery\1″.
    2. Using a picture editor open “example.jpg”, resize it to 144×88 pixels and save it as “examplethumb.jpg” within the same directory.
    3. Open “gallery.xml” in notepad or a html editor
    4. (using the original program as downloaded) you would add the following at line 50

    <![CDATA[You would write your picture description here.]]>

    5. And re-save “gallery.xml”.
    6. Upload / FPT the altered files & added pictures.

    Removing pics.
    To remove a pic is as almost the reverse of the above, which I’m sure having the above you’ll figure out.

    Remaining problem.
    I still have one problem which I can only overcome by making the view fullscreen. The problem is the right arrow (not on the scroll pics, but on the main picture vanishes in normal view, but works fine in full page view. Strange, not figured out why yet.

    Anyway, hope the above is of help to someone…
    Kind Regards,

  29. Tia says:

    Maffysdad you are a doll!

  30. Виктор says:

    very very nice article! i like this so much. thank you

  31. Prasanna says:

    Hi, Thank you very much for the swt. It looks great indeed. Pls send me the .fla file so that It will be useful for me.
    Thank and in advance and aprreciate if you can send me earliest possible.

  32. flashmint says:

    In case you have any further questions, please write to our Tech Support Centre to resolve your issue – submit a ticket at

  33. flashmint says:

    Sure, you can edit the color according to your tastes and preferences! In case youn have any further questions, feel free to turn to our Tech Support Centre to resolve your issue – just submit a ticket at

  34. flashmint says:

    In case youn have any questions, feel free to turn to our Tech Support Centre to resolve your issue – just submit a ticket at

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