Being the innovator and the flagship in the Web Design Industry FlashMint continues bringing new technologies and revolutionary products to give you the most outstanding and convenient web solutions. Thus, today we are announcing the launch of the most ingenious web product that will make the development and maintenance of a website as easy and fun as the kids’ game is. Please welcome – Website Constructor.

I bet everyone played with the Lego constructor at childhood. Do you remember how fun it was? Well, building a website is now as much fun! From now on you do not need ANY programming skills and technical knowledge to develop a perfect website. Seriously. You do not have to pay loads of money to edit and maintain your website, you do not need to hire tech-savvy designers and developers any more, now you can do everything yourself.

Super scalable multipurpose XML flash template

Do you remember how a house is built? The first thing needed to build a house is a basis. Website constructor plays this role here. What is the next thing needed to build a house? You are right – bricks. The components play the role of bricks in building a website. Thus everything you need to do to get yourself a perfect online house is a site constructor for the basis and flash components to build the walls-site pages upon it. FlashMint offers 8 components now. These first 3 components are the most essential things no website can be built without:

1. Text field
This is a simple HTML page you can put anything on. You can have an unlimited amount of pages with any info you may need to give to your visitors – pictures, your bio, about us page etc.

2. News feed
All the components of this type are dynamical to create a vivid presentation of your latest news. You can choose colors, add pictures and resize your news feed to suit your website perfectly.

3. Contact form
To let your visitors reach you and give their feedback you’ll need a contact form. We offer you the most brilliant components for this task. Till today you needed to have php skills to add a contact form to the site or pay load of money to someone who can do the task for you. Now you can do everything yourself. Easily change colors, add and edit texts and contact information within your contact form.

Well, these were 3 most essential components you’ll need to have a functional website. If you plan to develop a creative online presence you may need these components:

1. Picture gallery
If you plan to build a personal page, or a portfolio, or even an online showcase of the products you sell this is the most necessary component you need. The picture galleries created at FlashMint let you easily resize and edit your images, add and remove pictures and categories, change the color of the gallery and thus give you the full control over your pictures and their presentation at your website.

2. Music gallery
As the picture gallery for photographers this component is important for the musicians. Building a personal page for your band you’ll need to let everyone easily listen to your music online. The music galleries from FlashMint let you add as many mp3 tracks and albums as you wish to. If you want to create a great personal page and share you favorite music with your visitors you’ll love this component as well.

3. Video gallery
You can add an unlimited number of your videos, clips and movies to your website with this component.  You can divide your videos to the categories, thus creating a comprehensive archive.The component works with .flv video format which is one of the most popular video formats.

4. Slide show
If you want your visitors to notice your selected pictures or your best products show them with the vivid slide show.

5. Staff page
This component allows you to create a gallery showing you and your company or family photos and giving your brief bios to let your clients and visitors to know who you are. I believe it is the most creative way to let the world know you ;)

All these components are extremely easy to add and edit. You won’t have any problems with doing it yourself, we’ve put a lot of time and effort to make it intuitive ans simple for you. Besides the described above components FlashMint will soon add the Event Calendar, Shopping Cart and Flex Admin Panel components to give you the fullest control over your website. And what is the most pleasant about it all – the full package will cost you no more than $60.

Build your web house in no time and have fun!
P.S. Do let us know what features would you like to have on your website and we’ll develop components for you. We want to give you an opportunity to build the most perfect functional website you ever dreamed about.

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6 Responses to “Exceptional Site Constructor to Simplify Your Life”

  1. George says:

    Will I be able to integrate all the flash components you have on site into this site builder?

  2. flashmint says:

    Thanks for asking George!

    Every Website Constructor template includes the complete set of the compatible components, that can be integrated into the newly presented site builder. Currently we have 8 components, all the future components will be marked with Website Constructor sign.

  3. HD says:

    how do I buy this constructor? and what sites are compatible with it?

    Does it have CMS facility?

  4. flashmint says:

    To buy Site Constructor, please press the Buy Now button at the template preview page. Currently, we do not provide CMS facility for the website constructor; hopefully we will add it in the nearest future.

  5. Shawna says:

    This sounds awesome! I have an online e-commerce website that I am dying to migrate over to a flash website. Has the shopping cart component been added yet?

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