The problem of choice dominates every aspect of our life. Talking about blog site topics, we could just say “pick any”. But it is not as easy as it seems. Choosing the proper blog topics and ideas is a big responsibility. If you get the wrong one you’ve got a chance to fail despite of all your noble intentions. Of course, you won’t be the next Mark Zuckerberg, but reasonable approaches are always rewarding.

There are some common mistakes that people usually do when choosing the topic to write their blog about:

  • Hell is paved with good intentions. Bloggers try to please everyone but please nobody;

  • Bloggers pick the subject that is the most “marketable” to their opinion;

  • They choose overambitious topics.

If you can’t decide whether you want to start general blogging site or niche blogging resource, choose the latter one. When you choose some specific subject, you can easily position yourself as a Guru. Ok, if you are not a Guru yet, do your best to become one. The benefits of leading your blog on a specific topic are obvious: you stand out from the crowd and draw narrow-minded attention of certain target audience, but not just random readers. By the way, do you know that search engines likes niche blogs better than general blogs? If the search engines index your niche posts regularly, they rank your blog higher in their searching results.

Clue 1

The question that every future blogger has to ask himself: “What am I good at?” If you have no idea what to write about, make a list of your hobbies and creative ideas. Be spontaneous. Write a minimum 15 blog topics. The more you come up with, the better! Try to categorize your choice, make the balance between too wide and too narrow topics.

Clue 2

Some wise guy once said “Find a Job You Love and You’ll Never Work a Day in Your Life”. Choose a topic that you’d like to write about every day, that you are good at, that would give you some pleasure. There is nothing more inspiring than a feeling of self-actualization.

Clue 3

You are not the only blogger on the planet, and most probably, popular blog topics that you want to write about have already been discovered and rewritten. But you still have a chance to be unique with your blog. Find a niche that is not so busy. Google knows a lot. Make a small research, see the most popular blogs and make up your mind. The Internet has a lot of space for everything, create what you think is important for you right now and for certain audience you would like to lure.

Clue 4

Compare your goals with a list of blog topics that you wrote earlier. Step by step you will cross the topics that don’t correspond your goals. At the end you will get a clear idea that matches both – your goal and your blog topic.

Clue 5

If blogging is not just a hobby for you, but a proper way of earning money, make sure that the topic you have chosen has a potential income stream. It can be difficult, of course, but anyway it is possible. Keep on working and you will gradually achieve success.

To understand what you really want and what you can do about your blogging, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How will my blog differ from other blogs?
  2. Will I be able to write enough content on the topic?
  3. Who are the competitors?
  4. Do I need free WordPress theme or premium WordPress theme?

Once you find the answers to these questions, you will end up having a highly successful blog that brings not only pleasure but also good profit. All best blog sites were born like this. Lay down the aims and go for it!


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