FlashMint.com the leading Flash Templates provider, does not only update the current products collection on the daily basis but also develops the new product lines, regularly enriching its collection with new ingenious products. Remember the newly launched Flash Animated WordPress Themes?

So today we are proud to announce the launch of the new product type - Flash components.
Flash components are ready-made Flash menus, buttons, image viewers and galleries, navigation systems, video and music players, animations, effects, icons and illustrations, preloaders and scrollbars, news readers and banner rotators, forms and maps, calculators and drawing utilities, time & date add-ins and charts you can easily install to your website to add more incredible features and functionality.

These Flash files, applications and extensions require little or no Flash ActionScript knowledge. And you are more than welcome to order a professional modification and installation form our Customization department.

I know that webmasters and web developers will especially appreciate these new products of ours as Flash components help to fasten webmasters’ work and are a powerful tool for enhancing Flash web designs.

FlashMint is open for your suggestions! If you need some particular Flash components, we’d love to build them for you.

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