Buy any FlashMint web templates starting from April 02 till May 02 and get a chance to win brand new MacBook Air free!

Here’s how it works:

FlashMint giveaway

During 1 month period starting from April 02 till May 02 anyone can become an owner of a brand new MacBook Air! Leave a comment with the template ID explaining the reason why you purchased this very design (make sure you use the valid email address, the one you specified when making the purchase to ensure you indeed bought it) and stand for the chance to win the perfect MacBook Air.

Once the contest is over we will use the random number generator which will identify the number of the winner.

However, FlashMint has prepared two more recognition prizes to cheer our valuable customers.

The second prize is $300 coupon for template customization from Flash templates discount

If you are in need of professional assistance on template editing and modification, you will get $300 off (consider: sales manager has calculated that the customization service will cost $420 for example, thus applying our special coupon code you will pay $120 only; and if the service is under $300 (lets say it is $250) you will get template customization absolutely for free). Please note that $300 coupon is a discount on template customization service and should not be considered as a cash prize.

free web hosting The third prize implies 1 year of web hosting for free from our valuable partner Happy@Net.

Happy@Net is the most reliable hosting provider that gives the green hosting plans with 99.9% uptime guarantee. All of Happy@Net shared servers are powered and coded by wind power generated in the home state of California.

Cash equivalent of prizes is not issued!

The winners will be selected by using the random number generator on May 04 and the owners of first three numbers chosen by the program will get the prizes.

We will appreciate if you help us spread the word about FlashMint MacBook Air Giveaway via your favorite social bookmarklets.

Good luck to everyone!

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45 Responses to “MacBook Air Giveaway from FlashMint”

  1. imad says:

    hello ,
    i am imad from algeria
    it is a great giveaway Macbook air from great blog
    your fan imad

  2. Steve says:

    i was looking for a cool design that will reflect my business
    and it should be also simple enough to edit but not overpriced

    i was hoping that Business personal site XML flash template (#2363) should be ok for this and when i saw this giveaway im definitely in! :)

    Crossing fingers for winning macbook!!

  3. Samuel says:

    Just bought item 2318. I was looking for something creative, I think I got it :)
    I need a lot of galleries and video.
    Hope to win macbook ;)

  4. Lily says:

    This is an awesome contest! I came here to simply buy a template for my photo portfolio, but I won’t miss a chance to win a MacBook! Well, the template I bought is #2345. I chose it because I’m a photographer and want to launch a personal portfolio with my art works and this template has brilliant header, I just fell in love with it. :)
    Well, I hope I’ll win the MacBook now :)

  5. Laura Payne says:

    I bought #2105 for my business.. It is EXCELLENT!! thank you so much.


  6. Jefferson says:

    I need a MacBook Air for all my designs, client presentations, and soon developing my own web applications.

  7. Jimmy says:

    I was just looking for a worthy template for the real estate agency and was pleased to find out you have such interesting offer here:) So I’ve bought #2151 and now longing to become a winner:)
    Thanks guys, I’m always surprised by the marvellous contests you offer!

  8. Marc says:

    Got this one for our mission in Africa
    Thanks guys

  9. Marco says:

    I was looking for a template which could make the graphic difference with my competitors.I hope my photos will make the rest.

  10. Marco says:

    Forgot to say it was ID2165,again I was looking for a template which could make the graphic difference with my competitors.I hope my photos will make the rest.

  11. samer says:


  12. Philip says:

    I just bought template 2208, one of your CMS v2 Flash templates. I have been looking around for many days on the internet looking for attractive, clean website templates with attractive design, graphics and easy menus. Flashmint offers many templates with those qualities. Choosing was not easy in the large collection.
    I very much liked the look and feel of template 2208. The CMS tool will moreover make it easy to add my personal content.
    Many thanks for the beautiful collection of templates!

  13. Paul LARRIEU says:

    I purchased Id=1867 because my customer really flashed onto graphism and menu layout.
    Your templates are great! Go on proposing such ones for our greatest pleasure.


  14. Greg says:

    Bought template # 2315 and loved it because it had just the perfect amount of frames for me that I needed, and loved the crisp, smooth functions of it! THANKS!

  15. I purchased 2358 for my girlfriend, it was almost as if the template was created especially for her! It suits her personality perfectly!

    Cheers!, Mitch.

  16. Brendon says:

    (order # h313ez1151)

    Template Item Id: 2063

    I love the clean and professional look of this website. It has all of the features I was looking for. I think my customers will enjoy the ease in it’s navigation, too.

    Great product! Thank you very much!


  17. Brendon says:

    Order ID: 88a14872nl

    Download Item #1878

    This is my second purchase this week. I like the quality of your templates. I chose this particular template for my personal web site. There were a lot in this category to choose from, so it was a difficult choice. This one seemed tailored to fit my style and my needs. The layout is very nice. It’s got a smaller face than most templates which adds personality. The writing is clear and navigation is simple.

    Brendon McDermott

  18. D Munsamy says:

    Template 2356
    Stunning styles, time saving and reasonable price.

    Great stuff…. thanks!

  19. Hi, I really love the template (#2063), and i have gotten nothing but good feedback from customers. My old teacher, who is a graphic designer wanted to know where i had gotten it from. He thought it was awesome as well.

    So – Great product!
    Thanks a lot!

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  21. James says:

    I searched all over the net for the perfect website to no avail.

    I finally came across this beautiful and stunning Photography website #2285 and knew immediately that it had to be mine!

    I am a very experienced designer and was initially planning to create the site myself but after viewing the website the only way to get exactly what i wanted was to purchase it

    Great template, I will be a returning customer for sure!


  22. StephenL says:

    I purchased ID1921 – clear, fresh and very easy to use, this is a template I can make a real difference with. It has been designed intelligently, and with real thought to adaptation.



  23. Jay Laabs says:

    I purchase 2318 because it has video + still images gallery in a nice simple layout.



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  25. Kunal says:

    I purchased Template #1979 for one of my clients. I have never used flash before so it is currently a challenge for me to customize this template with her specifications. I look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with Flash Mint in the future. Cheers.

  26. Lavern says:

    Order ID: 4kx2367qs0
    Status: Processed
    Dear customer!
    Thank you for the purchase of the website template from our company.
    To download the template, please follow the link below:
    Download Item #2279 (Status: Active)

    Purchased this template for my business as it fit the look of what we do.

  27. Kira says:

    Bought template 2318 to save my company time and money. Instead of developing several video portfolios from scratch and getting bogged down in programming and Flash design the Marketing team can focus on branding and content of the portfolio material. Thanks for the time saver!

  28. Annie says:

    I bought template # 2261 for a client who needs a slick business presence. It’s exactly what he needs because he’ll be able to maintain it himself, and it will look fabulous when it’s finished. Many thanks FlashMint!

  29. I bought the template #2058 for my own company. I wanted to make a “fresh” and “clean” website. This template was just what I needed. Many thanks!!

  30. Matt D. says:

    I purchased 2325 because of it’s sleek and modern appeal. It offers a great interactive approach as well!

  31. Lam T. says:

    We were looking for a simple yet creative design to reflect our studio to quickly launch our business website. Thanks!

  32. Mark H. says:

    Hey, I’m Mark from Switzerland.

    I purchased template 2373 because I wanted to include all my design and photography work into an interactive portfolio which i included to my university application for studying Fashion Design in London!

    Crossing my fingers for getting accepted to uni and having a good notebook to do all my work on.

    Thumbs up for macbook air. yaay.

  33. Roland Gothard says:

    I purchased 2381 – love it. Looks great. Keep up the great work.

  34. Neal says:

    I just found this site and it is awesome. Purchased 1955 to build a site for my soon to be wife. I am relocating to the US and getting married and this template is just perfect for me to build a site to surprise her. A macbook air would be a perfect wedding present and a good way to start life in the US.

    Good Luck everyone!!

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  36. jack.t says:

    Hi, I’m jak099 from Aotearoa (New Zealand)!

    I have seen several examples of flash Photo-Flow on the web, but Flash-Mint’s Template 2358 tops them all due to 1) cool graphics top and bottom of page; 2) excellent reflections; 3) Is the only one to have the larger image descend from the top of the stage; 4) smooth tween 5) full screen; and 6) beautiful models.

    Cool Plates Flash Mint!

  37. Karen says:

    I like all the designs, but the one I purchased (template 2403) is a very nice and clean design that complements my website. The price was really great too. Thanks!

  38. Virginia says:

    I bought # 1955 for a client who needs a wedding page. It’s exactly what she needs. Thanks FlashMint!

  39. Susan says:

    I chose #2142 because it really allows you to present photos well without a lot of distracting frameworks. Love the zoom and pan features! It was a hard choice, I was also looking at 2136, 2376 and 2366. By far the best selection of non-cheesy templates I’ve found!

  40. Dianad says:

    I think this would be nice for my son. Thanks for having the wonderful giveaway.

  41. rd says:

    I have looked everywhere for a small, graphic flash template. Everything in flash now seems to be overdone. I was indeed thrilled to find template 1564 – it’s small, very graphic, and most importantly, FAST FAST FAST. Loads like lightening and moves quickly. THANKS so much.

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  43. Steve says:

    Template Id: #2241

    Great work on all of your templates. I chose 2241 for is clean design and simple navigation. I want my potential clients to be able to breeze through my portfolio, and this design allows just that.

    I don’t have time to deal with coding or designing a website and this Flex CMS template has allowed me to get my portfolio up and run in short order. Easy to update as well.


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