Facebook is already 8 years old! Launched at the beginning of a social network era, Facebook has conquered more than one billion active users nowadays. It is without a doubt the most popular social network on the planet. It’s not only a place of meeting and flirting, but also a great market niche for almost any company, product or service online. We won’t be the first to write about the advantages of Facebook for your online business. Taking into account that the field of social networking progresses with a light speed, we won’t be the last to have touched this kind of topic, either.

Let’s skip all the details of how cool Facebook will be in a few years and start the topic of Facebook present. Not so long ago, Facebook page templates became another big thing for Facebook users and their profiles. Since everybody moved to timeline, we have the option now to place whatever image we want at the top of our profiles. By the way, have you noticed how, slowly but confidently, we are getting accustomed to Facebook timeline templates and the whole redesign?! And it’s only the beginning. Get ready for more. Facebook cover template is something that will make your potential visitor/client/buyer come and see what you do/offer/sell. Need to mention that all the best Facebook pages are made with the help of templates and covers. Your page is next! Facebook is a monster machine for promoting you and your profile. Facebook fan page template is another great opportunity to engage more visitors. Facebook cover templates also have great SEO, so even if you end up doing nothing with your page, it’s still a good idea just to keep it “breathing”.

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Education rules the nation! Kindergartens, schools, colleges, universities give us a chance to become a part of social life. They broaden our horizons and teach us how to be who we are. Some people spend the whole life studying something, mastering their skills and increasing their IQ level.

The reason why we decided to talk about educational website design is the relevancy of this topic in the modern world. Educational websites gain their popularity day by day. Choosing the right school or kindergarten for their kids, parents mostly rely on Internet resources. The same situation touches student audience, too. Different researches have proved that users make aesthetic decisions about the overall visual impression of any web page in as little as 50 milliseconds. The importance of first impression can play a great role for your web service. Taking into account that the potential visitors of such websites are mostly young people, website owners have to follow all the newest trends of Educational website style. A weighty part in this case also takes information. Site has to be a source of any kind of information concerning educational process, conditions and regulations.

Let us make it clear: what makes educational sites successful?

  1. Call-to-action. The goal of your site is to involve more clients to your school, kindergarten, etc. Make them want to visit your institution. Show the advantages of it, use more photo and video materials.
  2. Well-built structure. Education services tend to have a lot of content including schedules, documentation for each program, reports and so on. Make sure your content is easy to search around and features clear navigation that makes sense to your visitors.
  3. Make it look smart. The visitors associate your website with what your school does. The better it is presented online, the better opinion the visitors will have about your work.
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The problem of choice dominates every aspect of our life. Talking about blog site topics, we could just say “pick any”. But it is not as easy as it seems. Choosing the proper blog topics and ideas is a big responsibility. If you get the wrong one you’ve got a chance to fail despite of all your noble intentions. Of course, you won’t be the next Mark Zuckerberg, but reasonable approaches are always rewarding.

There are some common mistakes that people usually do when choosing the topic to write their blog about:

  • Hell is paved with good intentions. Bloggers try to please everyone but please nobody;

  • Bloggers pick the subject that is the most “marketable” to their opinion;

  • They choose overambitious topics.

If you can’t decide whether you want to start general blogging site or niche blogging resource, choose the latter one. When you choose some specific subject, you can easily position yourself as a Guru. Ok, if you are not a Guru yet, do your best to become one. The benefits of leading your blog on a specific topic are obvious: you stand out from the crowd and draw narrow-minded attention of certain target audience, but not just random readers. By the way, do you know that search engines likes niche blogs better than general blogs? If the search engines index your niche posts regularly, they rank your blog higher in their searching results.

Clue 1

The question that every future blogger has to ask himself: “What am I good at?” If you have no idea what to write about, make a list of your hobbies and creative ideas. Be spontaneous. Write a minimum 15 blog topics. The more you come up with, the better! Try to categorize your choice, make the balance between too wide and too narrow topics.

Clue 2

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Good news for everyone who runs an online business! Now you can get a ready made template with fully functional VirtueMart shopping cart software. Want to know more? Read the article and be armed with smart information!

What else can Flashmint show up after almost 8 years of its existence? Despite of our rich collection of templates and themes, we still want to impress our customers with cutting edge technologies and newest design. Today we want to give a thumb up to VirtueMart software. Perhaps, you haven’t even paid attention to this shopping cart, and it was self-evident that it has to be included in most online shops templates. But let’s have a closer look at VirtueMart templates as a perfect instrument aimed to create the most functional and efficient environment for eCommerce performance.

VirtueMart: What Is It About?

VirtueMart is a leading open source eCommerce software that is embedded in Joomla content management system for easy integration of updates without usage of other applications. It runs on Joomla CMS, and the basic programming is done with the help of PHP/MySQL system that enables it to run on any typical PHP/MySQL area. Why Joomla? Joomla is the best what could happen to your online business. You can read more about it here.

 What Do You Win With VirtueMart?

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Not so long ago, we released a new section in our web portfolio dedicated to Twitter Bootstrap templates. Since then, it gained popularity among our customers. Created by Twitter developers, Bootstrap has a number of great tools, including base Bootstrap CSS, grid, responsive layout, UI components and javascript plugins that speed up the development and provide an easy process of operating a website.

Today we want to come up with a collection of helpful resources and tutorials to please our Twitter Bootstrap followers. Hopefully, it will help you to find out more about Twitter Bootstrap and give you a general impression of how to use it for your applications and websites.

 Built with Bootstrap


The website offers you a big variety of services built with the help of Bootstrap platform. Built with Bootstrap can be a good inspirational point for developers looking for new solutions and creative ideas.

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