Being our client you for sure know that FlashMint is a caring company, we like to take care of you and make your life and work not only easier but more cheerful as well. Thus, our ingenious designers and developers created a stunning Flash XML photo gallery to cheer you up and we are giving it for FREE. Isn’t it an outstanding offer? :)
You can easily embed this Flash component into your website and create yourself the most stunning image gallery in no time and without any expenses. You can use this Flash image gallery as standalone application, or as a part of CSS/HTML or Flash website.

Well, what are the features and how it works?

Free Flash XML photo gallery we are offering you today has full screen support, images autoplay support and image description tag support among it’s main features. The number of pictures you can upload to the gallery is unlimited, besides you can use any image size, the application will fit in any image. The only size you must make sure is suitable is the size of your thumbnails – they have to be 144×88 pixels.

The installation and maintenance is very easy, as you’ll have to modify only an XML file. Our developers made it the most simple and fast for you to edit and update your Flash XML photo gallery. Read how exactly it works here.
This free Flash photo gallery component might be a start of the new tradition – we plan to give more stuff for free. Thus, sign up to our RSS feed so you won’t miss more pleasantly free products from FlashMint.

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72 Responses to “Free Photo Gallery to Cheer You Up”

  1. bobbi says:

    i cannot get the great looking “free” photo gallery to work. I cannot locate any details and am stumped. I’ve edited the gallery.xml file but i suppose i’m just not understanding what needs to go where. i’ve looked all over you (wonderful) web site but cannot locate “details”. any hints would be awesome. great tools here and the plan is for me to get up to speed using joomla.

  2. flashmint says:

    Hey Bobbi, you should locate and name all the images in the gallery.xml file, e.g. image1, image2, image3, etc; you can also add images description there. And we bet you will enjoy using our free flash photo gallery :)
    Good luck to you with Joomla! CMS.

  3. ilya says:

    First of all thank you for great free photo gallery,good work!
    I would like to create dynamic gallery for each user and the problem is that the gallery.xml path is hardcoded in flash.
    Can i do this dynamic?
    Thank you.

  4. flashmint says:

    Both issues are taken into consideration.
    As soon as FlashMint programmers accomplish what they are currently working on (the new astonishing products) they will certainly get on with the changes you are looking for.
    Stay in touch!

  5. söve says:

    Can I put hyperlinks to a website in the Image description tag? Here’s what I have, which I thought was correct, but isn’t working:

  6. admin says:

    We will update the gallery asap, this feature will be available in the next release.

  7. kasper says:


    Fine looking album – but something annoyies me, if its possible to resize the gallery, why dont you use the same technique to make thumps automaticly – now i have to create php code to create the thumps automaticly and to write the xml file.

    Secound, when you use the mouse to click the thump you want to see in full size, when you click at the last picture at the end of the line, it would be logical if it then scrolled to show the next in line by it self.

    Keep up the good work!

  8. kasper says:

    Hmm got another question.

    In the xml file, there is a tag – how do i switch between galleries? ive tried to make 2 galleries:

    3 pictures and 3 thumbs in the first album
    5 pictures and 5 thumbs in the secound album

    Need to be able to split up the pictures so i can create seperated albums

  9. flashmint says:

    Kasper, you have to create all the thubnails manually since php code can not recognise the main fragment of the image that you want to display. We used to implement automatic thubnail creation but had to decline this technology because of this issue. As soon as the code will be able to distinguish the main image snippet, we will absolutely make use of it, but not now :)

    Switching between galleries is expected in the future release of the free gallery
    since it is projected by the xml structure.

    Thanks for your interest though, stay in touch for the new freebies :)

  10. How do I set it to go into Fullscreen mode by default? I want the user to click a button and it go into Fullscreen mode. I want to fill the screen with the gallery?

  11. flashmint says:

    Dennis, unfortunately there is no solution for this.

  12. [...] may remember that few posts ago when we gave you free photo gallery from FlashMint we promised to give more things for free, well today is the day – we are giving out [...]

  13. Octavio says:

    How can i resize the gallery?

    Great work!

  14. Milivoje says:

    Can you tell me how can I change a background color of the main.swf

  15. Mandi says:


    Can I change the background colour to white instead of black?



  16. flashmint says:

    Milivoje, Mandi,

    Currently there is no such an option of changing the background color.
    However we took this into consideration and will add it to the upcoming release of the free photo gallery.
    If there is anything else you want us to implement, do let us know.
    Thanks and stay tuned.

  17. alfi says:

    ther;s some few problem what i saw.
    1.when i rezise gallerry from org 1000px X 820px to -200px each, main photo in gallery make smaller but thumb stay the same big. You should put option to make rezise down scroll with thumb
    2. change colour of bg :)

  18. adam says:

    please can u help me i have downloaded your flash gallery and uploaded it to public_html but now im stuck

  19. amir says:

    I have used your gallery on localhost and it looked great and ok but when i have updated it online and checked everything , pictures go white and it does not show anything , here is the url :
    Please Help Me …

  20. flashmint says:

    Hello Amir,
    Check the gallery file cgal.xml – it should not contain capital letters.
    If this is not the case, please contact our support team and make sure you attach the cgal.xml file to the ticket.

  21. hayabusa says:

    i tried to implement your flash gallery into my fla file but it´s not working. It´s just flickering and no pictures are shown. what am I doing wrong. Or is it not possible to edit the main.swf into a fla? please help me, i want that gallery on my flash page.


  22. flashmint says:

    Dear hayabusa,
    It obviously depends on how you include the gallery into your website.
    Please send us a piece of your ActionScript where you create the new movie and integrate the gallery into your website. We will then see whats wrong there.
    You might also want to check some tutorials on how to integrate swf movies into flash sites.
    BTW, we will create such a tutorial and will update it when it is live.

  23. hayabusa says:

    hi, sorry but i couldn´t find any tutorials on how to implememt swf movies into flash pages. Could you create such a tutorial or do you know a webpage where I can get a detailed description on how to do this? thanks a lot

  24. Brian Hobbs says:

    Thanks for this gallery. I have searched all over and this is by far the best I’ve come across. Can you tell me if its possible to create several galleries by altering the xml page but retaining the original images and index file. This would be the absolute anser to my needs. Once again thank you so much for this fine piece of work


  25. flashmint says:

    Thank you Brian!
    We appreciate your kind words :)
    Currently you can not create several galleries, although we will take it into account for the next free gallery. So stay tuned!

  26. Rachelle says:

    I’m using this as a gallery for my wedding website – thank you!

    Also, your instructions say to edit “images.xml” but your file only contains gallery.xml… which name should be used?

  27. flashmint says:

    Hi Rachelle,
    It is gallery.xml of course.. sorry for the mismatch in the comments.
    Hope you will send us the link to your wedding website and congratulations on your marriage! :)

  28. sunny says:

    Hi, everybody.
    I tried to implement a photo gallery into my website but it´s not showing the pictures. When I run the index.html on local FrontPage there is appear an alert “This page requires AC_RunActiveContent.js.”. Please help me , what I have to do for resolving this problem.

  29. flashmint says:

    Hi sunny,

    Please pay attention that the gallery is not designed to work with Microsoft FrontPage.
    However you may want to check if gallery.xml file is working properly.

  30. cubert says:


    is there any option to delete the description tag on gallery? I know how to delete the text, but not the window of it, is it possible? and if – how to do it?

  31. flashmint says:

    sorry cubert,
    there is no option for deleting this tag currently.

  32. cubert says:


    i have a little problem whit xml… i’ve just edited him copying names of my photos, and it shows me only first 10 pictures.. it should be unlimitted yes? so why it doesnt work? any sugestions? all names are written correct…

  33. flashmint says:

    Sorry cubert,
    since this is a free photo gallery, there is a limit set to 10 images currently.
    We will though rethink it in the future update.

  34. cubert says:


    so why it is written everywhere that it is unlimited ? it complicates my plan;/

    but thanks for answer my questions.

  35. cubert says:

    flashmint says:
    October 2, 2009 at 7:01 am

    Sorry cubert,
    since this is a free photo gallery, there is a limit set to 10 images currently.
    We will though rethink it in the future update.


    so.. now it shows me in gallery only first 8 photos…. not 10, i did 7 gallerie and in all cut me lasts photos…

    8 is not so much to show photos…

  36. kellyn says:


    I must be seriously missing something, but I don’t understand how this all works. I’ve edited the .xml file and I’ve sent that file, plus the .swf, .html, and.js files to the server, but I don’t understand how to implement this gallery on a web page. I’ve tried to embed the .swf code, which makes no sense because it’s a blank .swf that doesn’t contain updated information. Do I need to publish the .xml to an ActionScript file or something along those lines? Please include details on how to actually implement the gallery once the files are edited and sent to the server. Thank you!

  37. Ned says:

    Your gallery apears fine on IE view but on my Yahoo PaheBuilder I ger an error mesage that …./AC_RunActiveContent.jr
    Line: 5,
    Error: ‘navigator’ is undefined.
    I opened the file in Netepad and the navigator IS undefined.
    How to correct this?

  38. Ned says:

    Spelling correction
    Your gallery apears fine on IE view but on my Yahoo PaheBuilder I get an error mesage that …./AC_RunActiveContent.jr
    Line: 5,
    Error: ‘navigator’ is undefined.
    I opened the file in Notepad and the navigator IS undefined.
    How to correct this?

  39. Sascha says:

    i open the gallery with a click on a picture, the gallery opens only in a small window, i think 1000x820px.
    i tried to change the values (width & height) in the index.html, but it dosn’t work. is there another value that i can change, that the gallery will open an window all over the desktop ? maybe this value = ‘wmode’, ‘window’,

    lgs from sascha (germany)

  40. randy says:

    I want to use the free gallery but the the “Full screen” button doesn’t work. It doesn’t make sense to show it if it doesn’t even work. Can you give me a version without the button? thanks, otherwise I love it.

  41. flashmint says:

    Please make sure that you have copied all the files as well as Java Script correctly.

  42. vahid says:

    thx alot for the app.
    but how can i create a standalone projector file from this swf with hidden menubar???

  43. Giak says:

    as I can use the keyboard to scroll through the images?

  44. AJ says:

    I’d love to be able to set the color of the buttons etc… is it possible? Also can I purchase a version without your link at the bottom for commercial use? Thanks and love the gallery!

  45. ENO says:

    i really need to change the background, when would this be possible?

  46. steve says:

    Hi, love the gallery was a little tricky to get used to changing the script but its looking pretty sweet now. I dont mind the created by flashmint button on the bottom, but i would like to figure out if there is a way to get rid of the banner on the top window that says flashmint free photogallery so it could say my website name instead. anyway to do this?

  47. steve says:

    oh and to the guy who tried to make more than 8 or 10 images it is possible, all u have to do is open the file in wordpad, just copy the whole line with image and caption, and paste it after image 10 and just change the numbers to 11 and so on, and then make corresponding thumbs and images labeled the same number. =)

  48. Tome says:


    First…its gr8 work! really! I have a question : is there any chance to make two categories of Galleries? For example:
    Cars (here many pictures)
    Nature(here many pictures)
    And where will be button to switching between categories ?

  49. TikiRob says:

    Can I pay for this and get it without the FlashMint logo? and how can I change the colors of the scroll buttons? Green doesn’t work with my layout.

  50. csercsaba says:

    thx for gallery
    How can i set the default picture ?
    I’h tried set this <gallery id=”02″
    But it is not working.

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