Dear friends,

We are thrilled to announce FlashMint’s New Product – Facebook Timeline Covers. These are amazing and sleek artworks for Facebook Timeline Covers.

FlashMint Facebook Timeline Covers

Heard of new feature from Facebook called Timeline? Facebook Timeline Cover is an incredible chance to tell your personal story with cool art crafted by professional webmasters. It can be your personal portfolio teaser, family portrait, personal photo timeline … or anything else. Really!

We’ve done our best to simplify the customization process, so all you have to do is to insert your own photos, update the wording, and publish ready made graphics to your Facebook profile (note, you’ll need to switch to Timeline first, if not done yet).

Essential features:

  • Fully editable PSD;
  • 300 pdi;
  • 850px x 315px;

Make your Facebook profile 100% unique and memorable! Get a killer Facebook Timeline Cover from FlashMint premium templates collection right now. You’re welcome :)

FlashMint Team

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5 Responses to “New Product Announcement: Facebook Timeline Covers”

  1. Carol says:

    I having an extremely frustrating time trying to submit a support ticket in FlashMint. I first submitted a support ticket without registering, but I’m not confident that it is being received. Then I tried to register, but your support system is showing that my email address is already registered. When I try the password reset, I don’t receive any email from FlashMint.

    I have purchased a WordPress theme and am having trouble implementing some of the features, despite the fact that I have a fair amount of experience with customizing WP themes.

    My original ticket was submitted about 24 hours ago and I would prefer not to keep waiting, only to find out that it was never received b/c I am not registered.

    In the meantime, I am collecting my list of questions.

  2. JacquelineK says:

    The cover is 851px not 850px

  3. JacquelineK says:

    Visit for some cool facebook covers

  4. hi,
    it is so useful to announcement Facebook update thing….

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