It’s hard to deny the importance of Facebook in the global Internet activity. With no exaggeration, if managed wisely, Facebook profile can become a universal, multi-functional landing page of a subject on the Web. Individuals and businesses use Facebook to communicate, learn and promote themselves to the enormous audience of this world’s fastest growing social network.

Web design industry, Flash platform community in particular, grows and evolves fast, too. Community discussion is a powerful source of knowledge and creative ideas. Facebook has become one of the hot spots where Flash platform evangelists gather together to share things and simply enjoy communication with peers.

In this post you can find a list of over 25 Flash Platform organizations and developers that are presented on Facebook. From Adobe official centers to Flash related blogs, from company employees to independent enthusiasts, all of these organizations and personalities have contributed a lot to the community. Note, that our selection is not based on the usefulness of content posted by Flash developers on their Facebook pages, many of Flash developers use their FB profiles solely for personal needs.  We just hope that this list will help you make new contacts and discover new information.

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Groups and Fan Pages

adobe-flash Adobe Flash

Needless to introduce Adobe Flash, so by joining their Facebook fna page you get a possibility to learn the latest news and events concerning one of the world’s most distributed software and become a member of the community of Flash platform evangelists.

Facebook Page

adobe-flex Adobe Flex

Facebook holds a campfire for Flex devotees, too. Become a fan to receive updates related to Adobe’s open source framework regularly.

Facebook Page

big-spaceship Big Spaceship

Big Spaceship is a respected digital creative agency specializing on brand strategy, interactive design and UX.

Facebook Page

graphic-mania Graphic Mania

This resource run by Adobe community expert Rafiq Elmansy is dedicated to providing ideas, tutorials, tricks and inspiration on Adobe tools, especially Flash and Photoshop, to the web design community.

Facebook Page

flashtuts Active Tuts+

Active Tuts+ is a popular resource that hosts a wide range of Flash, ActionScript and Flex tutorials for users with different needs and skill levels.

Facebook page

flashscope FlashScope

FlashScope is a new growing marketplace of flash components, the Facebook business page of which contains both corporate updates and interesting links to everything Flash.

Facebook Page

flashallstars Flash Allstars

Get Flash design inspiration right on Facebook by bcoming a fan of the Flash Allstars, a showcase of beautiful flash websites.

Facebook Page

fitc FITC

FITC has produced events for the last 7 years with over 700 presenters and 14 000 attendees through countless cities around the world. From Flash to Motion Design, FLEX to AIR, Mobile and more, FITC events each stand as unique and exciting experiences that inspire, educate and challenge.

Facebook Page

flashintap Flash on Tap

We bet, this conference is a top fave of many Flash developers – it combines an excitement of a beer festival and productivity of an excellent design and technology event.

Facebook Page

adobe-sxsw Adobe SXSW

Interactive Web Awards, CS4, Flash, Flex, AIR & exclusive party info distributed via official Adobe SXSW Facebook page.

Facebook Page

AdobeMax Adobe Max

Every year at Adobe Max world’s leading designers, developers and industry trend setters gather to discuss urgent industry issues, share experience and generate new ideas.

Facebook Page

air Adobe Air

A Facebook fan page of Adobe AIR, a cross-operating system runtime that lets developers use their existing web development skills in HTML, AJAX, Flash and Flex to build and deploy rich Internet applications to the desktop.

Facebook Page

fwa FWA

At FWA’s Facebook page you can find loads of information about famous award’s winners, sites and judges.

Facebook Page

papervision Papervision3D

This is a fan page of the open source 3D engine for the Flash platform Papervision3D.

Facebook Page

actioscript-hero Actionscript Hero

Actionscript Hero is another blog and forum that brings Flash platform community closer together. Lots of interesting materials, interviews and links can be found on the site’s official Facebook Page.

Facebook Page

flashmint FlashMint

Join our Facebook page and get latest website template gallery updates, news on Facebook templates and posts showcasing the best examples of web design.

Facebook Page

Personal Profiles

lee-brimelow Lee Brimelow

Lee Brimelow is a renowned Adobe Flash evangelist, who have taught and inspired many. He’s also the guy behind and The Flash Blog

Facebook page

ryan-stewart1 Ryan Stewart

Rich Internet Application Evangelist for Adobe and a respected member of global Flash dev community.

Facebook page

kirupa1 Kirupa

Kirupa Chinnathambi is the founder of, a well-known resource made to house high quality flash tutorials, guides and discussions.

Facebook page

ted-patrick Ted Patrcik

Ted Patrick, another Flash advocate and the author of Ted on Flash can be also found of Facebook.

Facebook page

serge-jespers Serge Jespers

For more than 10 years Serge Jespers has been Flash enthusiast and Adobe Platform Evangelist. He had created a number of award winning online experiences with Flash.

Facebook page

john-grden John Grden

Another Flash devotee and blogger John Grden can be also connected via Facebook.

Facebook page

pietens Patrick Pietens

Patrick Pietens is the owner of Flashaddict, a company specializing on websites, internet applications and games that utilise Adobe Flash, Flash Video, Flex, Flash Media Server and the other technologies that are part of the Adobe Flash Platform.

Facebook page

kevin-towes Kevin Towes

Kevin Towes now works for Adobe Systems, Inc. in San Francisco, California, USA. His work belongs to the field of Adobe Flash Media Server, which has become the industry-leading solution for streaming video and real-time communication.

Facebook page

jens-loeffler Jens Loeffler

Jens Loeffler is Senior Manager for Adobe Systems, responsible for driving awareness, adoption, and loyalty of Adobe Flash streaming video products and services within the media and entertainment industry.

Facebook page

mario-klingemann Mario Klingemann

Mario Klingemann aka Quasimondo leads a popular blog where he posts observations, occupations, visualisations and vibrations around the world of Flash, art, mathematics and all the rest. His creations have been exhibited in international art shows and won acclaim among critics as exemplary pieces of net art.

Facebook page

Surely, there are a lot more industry professionals who deserve a mention, so tell us your suggestions in the comments, we want to hear them!

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