Today FlashMint is almost the only marketplace selling FaceBook Templates, which are constantly gaining popularity as brands and businesses migrate to FaceBook platform.

Earlier this month we have released a number of plain HTML/CSS FaceBook templates. But HTML is not the only thing FaceBook allows you to use for building a custom page – FBML, FBJS, iframes, videos and Flash are also supported.

Being a top class Flash templates provider, FlashMint has decided to release a series of FaceBook Flash templates, which would change the way we look at custom FaceBook pages.

The fist product in this series is “My Style Facebook flash template“, which is basically a professional flash website, that fits into your FBML application.

facebook flash template

This is a template for photographers and it has 2 built in pages, photo gallery and a contact form. In the nearest future FlashMint will continue releasing FaceBook Flash templates of various categories and functionality. Still a lot more fresh ideas to surprise you with!

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