When you launch a new product, it is a good practice to have your clients try a free version of it, before they make a purchase.
Here at FlashMint we have recently announced a brand new type of web templates – FaceBook Templates. This is a unique product and FlashMint is proud to be among the first ones to offer it. It’s not a secret that Social Media does have a huge influence on all our lives and FaceBook is not an exception. Every startup and leading business around the world is now joining in and conquers new areas for Marketing.

Free FaceBook FBML Template that we are offering you is a plain html page, easy to edit with Dreamweaver or any text editor. Knowing that it might be used for any kind of FaceBook pages (personal, business, hobby, brand, pets, etc.) we have created a neutral layout that is totally dependent on the content that you add to it.



The template is distributed under Creative Commons License. The instructions on how to embed a FBML template to your FaceBook page are inside the package. We hope you enjoy our Free FaceBook FBML Template.

As you can see we have a collection of really impressing and engaging FaceBook templates along with a set of tools and instructions for embedding. You will find that with our FBML templates you can showcase images with flash slideshow and gallery components and add your favorite videos from YouTube with flash video components. These remarkable features will definitely boost the number of your page fans and increase the loyalty of your existing customers. See our ready-to-use premium FaceBook templates designs directly from our collection:



Get more from latest trends and technologies! Buy our custom FaceBook templates and make your FaceBook fan page more prominent!

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13 Responses to “Free FaceBook Template!”

  1. Jay says:

    How do you get the twitter feed to show up with this template?

  2. Florante says:

    Great templates! I just tried out the free template on my page and it looks awesome. I’m just wondering how can I manipulate the images as well the like button. I’m not sure how get the like button to do what it’s suppose to do. I’d most gladly appreciate the assistance.


  3. Howdy,
    I am a novice to all this Facebook Landing page stuff, but it is really nice and appealing to me. I have seen tutorials on how to create them but where i keep getting hung up is HTML coding in the FMBL application. I have taken a .pdf i had converted it html, then moved into dreamweaver, copied the source code, opend facebook done the steps to past code in application, then nothing. I am sure its a coding issue. I even crashed our site last night trying to make a page, to point too, lets just say I am a better Sr. Publisher of GreenScene Magazine rather than web designer. I know its easy to do however our web designer is on maternity leave. We are doing a “Restore the Gulf” campaign and need landing page where people can see that on facebook, we have a designer that has an awesome picture that explains it all, we have one embedded link to take them to our webpage for donations. We are a non profit eco-publication here in colorado. I guess the reason for contacting you is to see if you can sponsor or donate one of your premium pages, i know alot of movers and shakers up here and at our next chamber mixer would be happy to tell all of my colleagues about you guys. We launched out facebook page 7 days ago and already 1,000 people, i would be happy to promote you there in exchange for getting us a working, effective landing page. You guys are the best, these pages are all the rave, and we would like to partner with you to promote in exchange for a little help to our non profit. Sorry to carry on, but I would like to hear from someone and hope we can partner together, in the end we both have something to offer, lets see how we can make it work for a fair trade. I didn’t budget for a landing page is why i come on bended knee asking for your help.

    William Moore III, Sr. Publisher
    GreenScene Magazine

  4. nor says:

    Cool Templates!

  5. Mohammed Bidiwala says:

    I liked the template of iPhone app i wanna buy one but i dont know how to add that template in fbml can anybody help me?

  6. Sewa Mobil says:

    A very like about FBML, but hiow a can change like picture, like button etc, very dificult to me

  7. Hello Friends i download a templet But i don’t know to how to use it ? Kindly tell me that how to use it on facebook page or how i upload it on facebook page ?
    Reply plz I’m waiting?????????????????>>>>>>>>>>>>>……….

  8. Robert says:

    Excellent template, thanks so much for providing it for free. Much appreciated.

  9. Don says:

    Wow, I can’t believe this is FREE!! Thank YOU!!!

  10. The Haddon one I like most ;-)
    Very good templates!

  11. saifzuhri says:

    this template is very good. i like it

  12. armine says:

    creating a fan page is a must for business pages. for my Armine facebook page i was looking for templates until i found this one. thanks…

  13. Tom Lee says:

    These seem pretty new even though this post is rather old, I’m using this Free Facebook Template which is awesome but lacks a contact form! Anyone know somewhere I can find a free one with a php sendmail or something….

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