Any visual artist or photographer can rely on Joomla gallery in presenting his/her work and talent on the Web. Effectiveness of web presentation depends on having access to user friendly, intuitive, multi-functional and multi-featured gallery module which is available in Joomla.

Luckily, web technologies and programming do not stand still. Thanks to hard-working Joomla enthusiasts ever more sophisticated and advanced extensions constantly flood the net. But you don’t necessarily need to have something to do with visual art in order to benefit from the eye-catching and head-spinning technologies. Not to stay behind the latest web design trends, artist beautify thier Joomla websites with creative and user-friendly galleries. If you have something fancy to show, take advantage of multiple image sliders and catchy Joomla galleries which will easily breathe life into inanimate and sapless design!

Quick Gallery Set Up Guide

In order to install any Joomla gallery component you’ll need to download it first. For the sake of example let’s take Hoverbox gallery module. This is one of the most popular and proven galleries among Joomla extentions. Some of its features may require JB Library Plugin (

Download both, make sure you select the version compatible with your installed versin of Joomla. Enter your Joomla administrator panel. Go to Extensions -> Extensions Manager. Out of three instalation methods we will use the first one. Click ‘Browse’ button, select ‘JB Library Plugin’ ZIP arhcive, click Open and then ‘Upload & Install’ button. Upon successful upload a message ‘Installing plugin was successful.’ will appear. Repeat the same sequence for the Hoverbox module ZIP archive. Once installed, access Extension -> Module Manager and activate it by clicking on the red radio button in the ‘Status’ columns -> it will turn green. Then click the module’s name (‘hoverBox’ link in the list) to access its configuration panel. Under ‘Position’ define the gallery placement within a page and then choose on which pages it’s going to be displayed. It’s possible in the ‘Menu Assignment’ section. In the ‘General Settings’ select the subdirectory from which the module should load images or create the one if needed. Upload your image files there and set the way images will display if clicked on. Among other useful settings are ‘Thumbnail Settings’ and ‘Hover Image Resize and Position Settings’. Having configured the module, don’t forget to save your modifications by clicking ‘Save’ or ‘Save & Close’ buttons.

You may look through this video as well to get a clear understanding of Joomla gallery set up process.

And now we invite you to take a glimpse at some Joomla gallery extensions you may find perfectly fitting your Joomla website concept and purpose:

Art Sexy Lightbox Lite

Art Sexy Joomla gallery
A highly configurable extension which comes with six themes, supports multiple galleries per page and hyperlink in a lightbox.

Hoverbox gallery

Hoverbox image gallery
A simple and yet effective CSS module that displays thumbnail images within a grid and displays the full image when the user hovers over thumbnail.

Accordion Gallery

Accordion gallery
A responsive gallery module with a great variety of configuration settings for dimensions, colors and effects.

Unique Gallery

unique Joomla gallery
A multi-featured gallery component with the module where every aspect is configurable through Joomla module/component parameters in an intuitive way.

Model Gallery

Model Joomla gallery
A spacy component is designed to be able to display description box, play/pause option, auto-slider timer, full screen option, indexing bars with thumbnails and is loaded with many other exceedingly customizable features.

DreamWork Gallery

DreamWork Joomla gallery
This module excels in such cool features as image zoom, image link, auto-slider and full-screen mode. It is packed with so many parameters that there’s no way you won’t find it useful.

Admiror Gallery

Admiror Joomla gallery
This plugin will create a table at maximum width, with 3 equal sized columns. It will add spacing between columns, apply horizontal and vertical text align and hyphenate text in page language pattern.

Ozio Gallery

Ozio 3d Joomla gallery
An extension that uses a 3d flash animation to automatically display images from a particular folder (or from and allows several galleries to be implemented on the single site.


Portfolio Templates Gallery

If your website is going to be art or photography oriented, it would be a great idea to look for portfolio templates where the gallery component is an integral part of design and engine. Just like the following templates:

Photographer Studio Website Template

 FaceBook theme 4711

Pictures Photo Site Template

 FaceBook theme 4693

Photo Joomla Web Template

FaceBook theme 4673

Photographer Portfolio Joomla Template

FaceBook theme 4709

Pictures Gallery WordPress Theme

FaceBook theme 4670

Photography Showcase Website Template

 FaceBook theme 4660

HTML Photo Gallery and Blog Theme

FaceBook theme 4659

HTML Gallery and Blog Template

FaceBook theme 4653

Photo Portfolio Joomla Theme

FaceBook theme 4516

Creative Portfolio Joomla Theme

 FaceBook theme 4382

The main advantage of Portfolio templates is that gallery appearance and functional side is tailored by the developers in definite harmony with other elements of specific template design. It fits the general layout never better.

As we can see, Joomla is not only an excellent platform for running a news or writer’s blog based on textual information, it can also be efficiently used as a visual medium thanks to the wide range of spectacular gallery and slider extensions available on the market. And of course, the part of their appeal is attributed to the easiness of Joomla extentions setup. In just a few mouse clicks you’ll have a professionally looking, powerful and dynamic collection of visuals to entertain your site viewers. As an alternative you may use Portfolio templates which don’t necessarily need Joomla platform. It’s up to your personal tastes and preferences as well as technical experience and skills.

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