Nowadays it’s hard to imagine our life without E-COMMERCE. In on-line shops we can find just about any kind of product (food, clothes, medicine, cars etc.), study all details and descriptions and finally purchase items through special electronic payment gateways. For today’s consumers e-shops are of a great help in saving their time and efforts for buying the desired goods. By the way, e-commerce stores provide access to a wide range of products that couldn’t be found in the local stores and markets.

As for the owners of Internet stores, they tend to choose the proper platform for their shops based on its stability and easiness of management. These are the two main factors of e-commerce system selection for freshly baked store founders.


Magento platform meets all the modern requirements and also provides lots of bonuses such as easy-to-use admin panel (for adding and editing products), detailed product description (with such attributes as color, size, rating, photos, comments and so on), reports and much other helpful stuff.

Magento is popular all over the world for its stability, modernity and simplicity. As everyone knows, e-commerce website development from the scratch is very money-consuming. Magento platform is a great way out to save both time and money. Magento store development requires selection of a theme and proper settings via the admin panel. They are much different from the standard e-store layouts and can be suitable for selling any kind of goods imaginable! Speaking about the store functionality (shopping cart, product page, attributes filters), everything is already implemented. So purchasing Magento templates, you get a set of ready-made design and complete e-commerce functionality. All you need is just to add your products, contacts and other info about your store and make some minor tweaks to personalize your future online shop. Feel free to see some cool examples of Magento designs presented in the Magento themes category of our catalogue:

Computers Technology Magento Theme



Medical Equipment Magento Theme


Sporting Goods Template For Magento


Wheels Magento Template


Pets Store Magento Template 


Bicycle Store Magento Theme


Swiss Watches Magento Theme


Designer Bags Magento Template


Wedding Accessories Magento Theme



And now let’s get closer to the practical side – just look at a few brilliant e-commerce stores already runing Magento – best Magento sites 2012:

Since there is a wide range of products in this shop (like clothes, cosmetics and alcohol drinks), visitors may use different search filters (by category\ brand names and so on) to find the required items.

In this watch e-store customers may find a great collection of watches suitable for any taste and budget. The site has several informative sections – News, Features, Guide, Brand Focus and other pages with articles that would help customers to find out extra information about the business field.

This e-store devoted to the women’s clothes, shoes and accessories could become a favorite place for shopping, as every item is provided with the detailed description, photos (with ability to zoom and 360 spin) and videos from the fashion stage.

What’s handy about this fashion shop is that on its product page customers may find recommendations based on the previous choice.

This Magento-based store is specialized in pearl jewelry. Using filters by name, price and popularity (bestsellers) site visitors can quickly find the desired jewelry items.

Аnother site with simple and clear design is particular due to the use of the white space which puts focus on the product images and description.

The site lures attention because of its bright and stylish design. The product showcase creates an impression of the direct presence on the fashion stage.

The slideshow in the header is focused upon the most popular models of watches in the shop.

The most space on this site is given to the images of the products themselves. The item details can be read in the mouse hover pop-ups.

Old-styled design of the store creates unique atmosphere helping the visitors to get drawn into the beautiful world of exquisite jewelries.

Modern, stylish and fashionable design will most likely attract young IT-girls to browse through and purchase trendy clothes.

Bright and catchy banners from this shop layout attract attention of the younger audience and lead them to the purchase with sales, discounts and special propositions.

Custom sections of the site (such as a special guide around the styles) help to involve the visitors into the magnificent world of fashion.

E-commerce store that provides its clients with a possibility to compare several products by all available parameters. This useful functionality definitely helps to make the final choice.

This cute e-store shares fashion tips with its customers presenting blog articles that show up based on the selected item. The visitor can also leave his own review on any product.


 So as you see, websites using Magento are very user-friendly, fancy and easy-to-use. Magento is one of the simplest e-commerce platforms and could be handled even by a newbie. Magento website templates would help you to save your time and costs for the site development, so you could start your e-shop quickly just after some tweaks and settings through its admin panel.

Magento platform is the best solution to make your on-line store up and running shortly, attracting new customers and increasing sales of products.

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