If you are getting to the point when you can’t think of anything else but WordPress, then luck is on your side;). WordPress is counted as the most successful and popular multipurpose platforms nowadays. The variety of WordPress themes is just impressive and can’t be beaten by any other services. There was a pile of really awesome WordPress tutorials over the past years, and I’d like to give a brief review of some of the leading WP tutorials providers:


The service helps a large number of users who are struggling with their WordPress themes. Most of their tutorials are understandable for random users and provide with level-by-level guidance of how to work with WordPress.


Following WordPress plugin tutorials found at Blog.SpoonGraphics, you’ll create your own WordPress themes with ease, especially if you have more or less developer’s skills in CSS and HTML . These Tutorials will guide you through all the basic steps of creating a unique look of your site. Along with WordPress-related lessons, you can read tons of useful information about the operation of WordPress itself.

WP Tuts+

WP Tuts+ tutorial promises to teach you how to master WordPress in just three days. In my opinion, you can do it even faster due to its clear explanation. The tutorial is very user-friendly. Its users get not only major clues of how to use WordPress, but also learn the basics of public themes creation.


WP users can’t complain about ProBlogDesign tutorials as well. Their collection is pretty impressive and informative. You’ll get all you need to find out about your theme with WordPress theme tutorial by ProblogDesign. Just go and get it promptly!


Another great resource of WordPress tutorials. It contains eleven parts that will take you through all the major steps of your WordPress theme creation. You’ll start from the basic structures of WordPress and will gradually progress to a skilled user’s level which means being fluent in all WP options.


What I like about ThemeTation is that they present not only WordPress theme tutorials (which is cool anyways), but also post the info about the process of building WP-powered website from scratch and about installing and configuring WP settings. Tutorials will be useful for all users, from newbies to advanced ones.

Let’s make a break before you’ll roll up sleeves and start to look for the right tutorial. What do you think about the possibility of getting ready-made premium WordPress themes? I guess, there are two sides of a medal:

• On one hand, following tutorials, you’ll get more educated in WordPress
• On the other hand, there are tons of templates that already meet your requirements and save you precious time and efforts. No one can give you the only true answer on what is the best option. It’s just up to your taste and level of technical education. However, to keep balance I’d like to show you some random ready-made WordPress templates so that you got a better impression of what is what:

Succeed Corporate Wp Theme

Architect Magazine Wp Theme

Profit Corporate WordPress Template

Agricultural Company WordPress Blog

Business Industry WordPress Theme

Business WordPress Theme Design

Business Corp WordPress Theme

Recipes Food and Cooking Blog Theme

Farming and Agriculture WordPress Theme

Real Estate Wp Theme

Okay, so now let’s get back to the rest of the selected WP tutorials:


It’s a popular WordPress educational service that offers all kinds of information and the latest news in WordPress development area. WPShout provides with detailed but easy-to-understand tutorials of different templates’ files. The best that you can get from this site is well-structured idea of how to create, control and use your WordPress themes.


The tutorials can be of a great help for those who prefer watching to reading. It is really useful screencast lessons of how to deal with your WordPress themes. You’ll always find something new to learn from there.


These guys definitely never get bored of WordPress. There is always something going on around it. With WebDesignWall tutorials, you’ll be immediately informed about many new things and updates in WP world. Their WordPress tutorials consist of three parts: the first and the third parts are associated with WP installation, and second one is focused upon the custom theme creation.


The site is completely dedicated to WordPress, so you can be sure that you’ll get exactly what you are looking for. This resource may become a Bible for WordPress beginners that will guide them through all the tips and tricks helpful in customizing WP thems.


That’s all for today, folks! I hope that you will find the right solution for your website; either it will be based upon a paid or a free WordPress theme. In both cases you need to know what to do with it further. So these are some sources where you can find the proper information and make your websites rock! Good luck!

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