There is nothing that can be compared to Premium Magento themes when it comes to online shops. First of all, I’d like to hit with facts: in 2011 Magento was the most popular ecommerce platform in the web with the largest sales volumes and the greatest amount of themes. Need more proves?  Some experts would ban you even thinking of something else, in case you’re up to start your online business. And this is confirmed by many years of Magento’s successfull existance on the market of ecommerce services. If you are already aware of all this stuff, we won’t continue to pour water and would like to offfer you to take a look at the best real Magento themes below.
This nice collection of users’ favorite Magento themes might help you to make a right decision in selecting the very one for your website:

1. Gift Basket Magento theme

Light and friendly theme with gifts delivery purpose. Easy to adjust and counting a great number of helpful features. The theme presents the major product gallery in the central block and additional functional blocks on top of the page.  It looks very nice due to its clean and professional design. Gift basket theme will make your Online Shop work better!

2.  Printing Services Magento Template

It is typography services theme with bright design colors and recognizable style. On the front page you get the categories of company products, so there’s no need to go further than the homepage to understand what type of product you may need. The music effects emphasize a general positive mood of the theme. Everyone from random visitor to regular customer will enjoy it using for his/her site.

3.  Fashion Clothes Magento Theme

Looking for a fresh and business-related Magento ecommerce theme for your online store? Stop and look here. Fashion Clothes theme displays the most popular products in a flash window on the front page. It has easily noticeable shopping cart with a quick view and navigation menu on the top. The theme meets requests of any clothing store and is very easy to be customized according to customer needs.

4. Magento theme MT BECA

This theme has complete business look whatever you want to sell with its help. Due to its elegant and not overloaded design it presents your commercial face online from the best side. The theme supports Vertical Scroller extension that is delivered with QuickSmart Package. It is really user-friendly: it helps buyers shop easier with a narrowed down search option applied to any category.

5. Modern Furniture Magento Template

Modern Furniture Magento template is focused on furniture store, interior store, home decor etc. Comes with beautiful and clean design. The sliders help your site to display more products and sort them by categories. The Modern Furniture theme is full of many other useful features. It is perfect for showcasing design products for the house, from smalle  textile objects to lamps and furniture.

6. Responsive Magento Theme MT Gero

MTGero is  a Magento mobile theme with custom admin module best suitable for clothing stores. The theme supports a built-in mega-menus, cloud zoom, ajax add to cart functions, integrated google fonts and many other useful features. The color theme of this template is customizable like everything else. A general look of the site is great – exactly what web store needs!

7. Wheels Magento Template

You prefer serious dark-colored design for real business? Magenta template uses black as a main color which creates a strong feeling of masculine power and individuality. That’s what you need if you have a business oriented on car parts or tyres. The template supports many features to become more complete. With advanced search option your customers will find what they need faster, and thestore management will be more interesting and easier.

8. Swiss Watches Magento Theme

Swiss Watches would be a good choice, if you plan to deal with selling watches or jewelry stuff online. From the very beginning, when your customers come to your site they can see a few previews of your products. The category of popular products is also very helpful, if your visitors have no idea what to choose from a big variety of goods. It is designed with simplicity in mind and adapted to your needs. The overall design is very light and elegant with a hint of luxury.

9. HelloVita

Let’s say hi to HelloVita Theme! It presents great graphics and comes with a calm gray colored layout providing a complete business look of your site. Designed with business in mind, the theme can present any type of the product that you’d like to sell. The framework is customizable and ready to work for your business area.

10. Sexy Lingerie Magento Theme

Well, the name of the theme speaks for itself. You definitely know what you may get it for. The homepage contains an image slideshow and brand sliders. The footer with extra space allows to show more products of your stores, addresses or links. Every product can be zoomed. The theme is designed in the attractive way and perfectly fits any lingerie store.

11. Pets Store Magento Template

A pet-oriented theme with a friendly look and useful options.  At homepage the visitor  can see a slider with cute pets and products that you offer. Lovely puppies and kittens on the front page will attract the visitors who are not indifferent to such touching creatures, The products are categorized by type of the pets, so it will be easier and faster for your clients to get the products they want.

12. Bicycle Store Magento Theme

Hit the road with Magento theme Bicycle Store! What I have to tell about this theme, that it really gives you energy. Black and green color theme with cool graphics amps you up and involve in everything that’s going on with the site. The theme has well-built navigation system, and your customers are more focused on choosing the products instead of looking for the right page.

13. Uni-Store Magento Theme

Powerful ecommerce theme with a large number of features and  catchy design. The theme has no specific area to be used for – you are free to choose what do you want to sell there on your own. It has a nice Static Blocks feature. It’s very easy to setup and modify what you need in a few minutes. Moreoves, the theme comes with six default color options.

14. Designer Bags Magento Template

The only thought that I have in mind is – WOW, so pink! I’m sure, every girl will appreciate such website design. Yeah, and as a nice addition you get great Magento ecommerce service for selling everything from bags to phones. The template has slider on the homepage – it allows to present your latest products. The footer section is notably great for showing up your store info, helpful links, payment details and so on.

15. Computers Technology Magento Theme

Something completely new and fresh (even despite the white color theme). Computer Technology homepage is provided with an eye-catchy slider and image gallery where you can showcase your most awesome product photos. A wishlisht is also available, so that your customers can bookmark items for another time. The simplicity of the theme means that it can be modified to suit your store no matter what type of product you sell.

16. EM Painting Gallery Magento Theme

You’ll definitely feel unique with such a theme. The art spirit is seen in every detail. Theme comes with painting slideboard, every block of it is customizable. It includes banners for Art Painting products and the gallery. I can’t say that this theme is for a wide spectrum of users but still it is something that can draw visitors’ attention.

17. Fishing Store Magento Theme

Get ready to catch a big fish with Fishing Store Magento theme! For sure, it will be a good investment for your future business. The theme looks different from many similar services. Due to a slider on the main page, you already want to be involved into a process of fishing. The functionality and look of the theme will give you more chances to make your business grow day by day.

18. /show-template-3770.html
Boating Supplies Template For Magento
So, Captain, where is the next stop? Marine theme makes me feel like being a part of a crew. Advantageous blue color theme perfectly corresponds the marine site purpose. Homepage slider places your items into a center of attention. As a benefit you get full control over how the theme looks and over its functions (via its administration panels). Try out the theme and make your business ride the crest of a wave!

19. Medical Equipment Magento Theme

This Magento theme is sleek and modern, ideal for professional, high-end stores providing medical equipment. The product categories are arranged vertically and the upper horizontal menu is the customers login area. What I like the most about this theme is red columns which emphasize the most important info on the site, like shopping cart or special offers.

20.  Home Electronics Magento Theme

The last but not least in my collection is Home Electronics theme. Simplicity and usability are the main building blocks of this theme. The visitors will find everything with just a click, and you will get more profit from your business. The theme design is clean and user-friendly. It also can be used for any type of business.


Finito! I did my best to present you what I think is worth of seeing when you plan to build your business online. Putting your eggs into the right basket from the very start will save your time and efforts. My irony is a bit exaggerated about the eggs, but I’m sure you get the point. As I said earlier, Magento development rules the world of ecommerce.
Of course, you may have your own preferences and can first try free Magento themes, but the result will be the same – you’ll fall in love with this platform. Join the community and become one more happy Magento user!

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    I love the computer theme, wonderfull way to showcase as well as sell your technology products, I’m hoping to use it within my own ecommerce software, I’d just like to add and change a couple of things but great theme overall.

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