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Nowadays if you want to have a web-site you do not need to start from scratch. Web templates providers can offer you a wide range of their products from which you can choose what matches your needs best. Here at Flashmint you can find a wide variety of flash templates at most reasonable prices. And this is not all. You get a 6-month free web hosting with our hosting partner company -

To get a better idea you can visit our customers’ websites created with our flash web templates. For example, the following web-site gallery at is made on the basis of Photo folio CMS flash template 2028. It includes 3 sub-chapters About, Contacts, Packages. All the photographs are arranged in two lines resembling a film with multiple shots, one is vertical, another is horizontal. As you place the cursor on the films, they move enabling you to see all the pictures in the set. The vertical film includes the names of the pictures. If you click the cursor on one of the pictures you can see it in full. You can add your comments to each picture. An interesting intro (a camera) and black background is a good touch which makes this website recognizable among similar ones.

White photo portfolio CMS flash template 2031 is one more but completely different photo gallery. Created in soft pale colors it looks very light and almost transparent. The web-site that used it gives you a very nostalgic feel. It includes only three sub-chapters About, Portfolio, Contacts. The pictures preview is arranged in a winding line of which you see only some part. The whole pictures appear gradually and very unhurriedly. It is a good solution for a personal portfolio of a mature photographer.

Online portfolio CMS flash template 2014 is a good option for creating a very elegant picture gallery. It is very crisp and feminine and is for those who prefer only the most necessary details. The web-template contains the site navigation bar and a row of pictures which move as you place your cursor on it. Black background makes it look very stylish and fashionable. You can see it yourself at

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4 Responses to “See Flashmint Templates At Work”

  1. Roy Says:

    I ordered item #2106 yesterday, and just noticed that there is no .fla file in the package.
    I had a talk with your rep. in the chat, he says that CMS 2.0 does not come with .fla file.

  2. flashmint Says:

    Indeed, CMS 2.0 templates come with .swf (.fla file is not included). The reason why we do not provide source files for CMS 2.0 as they are copyrighted and have custom code developed by our Adobe Certificated flash programmers.

  3. TIger Says:

    Some of your CMS templates starts with “Welcome to my page” page, I guess the gallery should be loading first.

  4. flashmint Says:

    It’s not necessary to start a website with a gallery. The fact is that some photographers or designers prefer to introduce themselves at first and then show off the gallery. So, some of our CMS templates are intended for such cases and start with welcome pages.

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