FlashMint keeps on supporting you in every issue of your online business and presents a thoroughly selected collection of the most inspiring and professionally developed websites powered by Flash. So please take a look and enjoy!

1. Levi’s

This is a vivid example of a delicious Flash powered website with incredible animation and multiple functionality. If you want to you can submit some personal information and even choose the color you want to see this website in. Great combination of a thrilling Flash website design and usability.

2. Havaianas

This website belongs to the shoe company which creates flip-flops for babies, teens and adults. The Havaianas professional team made the most out of the Flash flexibility and created undoubtedly powerful and eye-catching website for customers all over the world. Very positive, colorful and usable Flash design reminding you of exotic islands and hot summer days.

3. Flowers Feed The Soul

Flowers Feed The Soul is the name of the flower company which is presented via eye-catching Flash powered website. The design conveys friendly atmosphere and evokes joyful pleasant feelings while you browse its flowers collection with the help of simple clicks due to the convenient navigation.

4. Christian Sparrow Portfolio

Christian Sparrow is an interactive art director of a creative agency in San Francisco occupied with inventing a winning strategy for the clients and developing interfaces for online media. His website is accomplished in pleasant nautical style possessing both eye-catching look and ease at browsing. Very calm, beautiful and inspiring design.

5. Roth Aniko

The design of the painter Roth Aniko’s website may remind you of a cartoon or a fairy tale you read books about. Friendly atmosphere created by this amazing design and the pleasure of browsing its pages are incomparable and unmatched.

6. Wrangler

A great Flash powered website with sound effects, changeable languages and the ability of a full screen view for maximum experience. If you browse the catalog you will see that every item has a small video presentation allowing you to see its every detail. Great high-quality dynamic website with clear navigation.

7. BeBop Jeans

Another jeans website based on Flash animation supplemented by audio effects. Accomplished in bright colors and some kind of a spring-like design it allows you to browse its pages easily smoothly changing its dynamic elements with a simple click.

8. Milk

Milk is an advertising agency maintaining clean Flash-based website with simple but very pleasant-to-the-eye design. You won’t find it difficult to browse its sections as the navigation is quite obvious. Though it doesn’t contain a huge amount of Flash it is used in a clever and efficient way.

9. Square Circle

The design of the full-service creative Square Circle agency website makes you feel you have appeared in the light office room and reminds you of a game where you are a designer or an art director. Very interesting and easy to navigate site with successfully and properly used Flash.

10. Jonathan Yuen

Jonathan Yuen is a graphic designer who owns a Flash-based website with original navigation and stunning animated design. The site is fast loading and includes audio supplement as well as video presentations of Jonathan’s works.

Do not hesitate to share your own opinion and let us know whether this set of Flash-based websites was inspiring and interesting for you. Thank you!

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  1. Philippine Outsourcing says:

    In today’s trend on the internet where companies opt for web design and development where they can maximize their SEO efforts, we see fewer websites developed in flash or are flash based. I used to make flash presentations or personal flash-based web sites and seeing the collection you have here is just truly inspiring and refreshing!! Thanks for sharing these in this post. :-)

  2. erin says:

    Great collection. It is really inspirational for me

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