FlashMint feels proud to gladden you with another portion of pleasant news and present something you were undoubtedly dreaming of – thrilling Dynamic Flash Intro for enhancing any website you are going to launch.

Innovative Dynamic Flash Intro is an XML based application built on frames – pairs of image and slogan which will appear directly within your online presence. The number of frames you want to implement is absolutely up to you which means that you can choose as many pairs as you want. You can also easily set up the delay time – the duration of each frame which may vary from few seconds up to half an hour – just as long as you wish it to be. The operating mechanism is so simple that even a very computer-savvy guy can cope with it without any obstacles. Besides, you don’t need to obtain any extra knowledge or purchase special flash software to make the most out of the Dynamic Flash Intro; everything can be easily achieved even with the help of a simple Notepad editor.

Dynamic Flash Intro implies a standalone version created on the XML basis and looks like a live presentation which appears before your website is loaded inviting the visitors to enter your web pages. You also have the possibility to use it as a background in the Dynamic Site Builder which you have already heard about and can also get from FlashMint. In this case you can use any Dynamic Flash Intro as a bottom layer so when the user stops the intro the image will remain.

What is not less pleasant is that the pricing of the exciting Dynamic Flash Intro developed by Artin2ition.com does not exceed $15 which means that you get exclusive flash application for your website at extremely low cost. Moreover, there is a special offer – if you purchase a package of 5 Dynamic Flash Intros you will have to spend only $35 on it which appears to be a fantastic money saving solution.

In prospect FlashMint is looking forward to new innovations, the first one is creating of interactive backgrounds, e.g. events calendar or a clock which look like Vista widgets. This will require a simple swf file which is than attached to the website. Another innovative solution awaited in future implies Twitter content upload similar to Recent Tweet option which are expected to possess stunning design and impress you significantly.

FlashMint is waiting for you to express your wishes and desires so feel free to share fresh ideas – your every opinion is appreciated!

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