The First Contestant Wordpress Theme Has Been Received

Here we are! Although not much time has passed since we announced our competition we have already received the first contestant design for our blog. We are very much proud that the contest got such a great amount of attention among bloggers and web designers. The first web developer to submit his work has been Harmen, and we expect more participants to be involved in our event. Remember that at the end of the competition all the received worthy designs will be showcased at our blog with links to authors’ web sites.

Good luck!

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5 Responses to “The First Contestant Wordpress Theme Has Been Received”

  1. m.dinesh Says:

    Since he is the only person to submit the theme, I think he is going to win the competition.

  2. flashmint Says:

    Btw, we have already received 3 wordpress designs which are engaged into the contest for a $500 cash prize. And looking forward to getting more…

  3. flashmint Says:

    One more design submitted…

  4. m.dinesh Says:

    Wow 4 wordpress themes till now.
    This contest is a great success for you admin. I am looking forward to see how these themes look.

  5. m.dinesh Says:

    And hope you get more , but there is a short time left.

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