Being the premium Flash web templates provider FlashMint is constantly updating the collection of website templates. Today I’m going to show you our brand new breath taking Photography flash XML template.

As you’ve already guessed from its name this template is designed to become the perfect solution for amateur and professional photographers of any kind. Portrait photographer, commercial photographer,  fashion photographer or artist, it doesn’t matter what you specialize in, this Flash XML online gallery will suit any type of visual art. The stylish design of this web template performed in black and white color scheme is created to be the most beautiful solution for any kind of artistic online gallery.

Well, what are the peculiarities of the template?
It is Flash, thus it is dynamic and interactive. Your visitors will love the galleries.
XML used in development of this website template doesn’t require any Flash knowledge or additional software to customize the template, thus it will be very comfortable to edit and update galleries, images and other content at your website built with this web template. You will have the complete control over your website.
There is one more huge advantage in this template - there is a “buy” button, this means you can easily sell your art photography right from your website. Thus your online presence built with this Photography flash XML template will be not only pleasant but also profitable.

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