FlashMint Contest is Over

So, DATE, and we are proud to announce the end of the contest and very pleased to have received so much attention to our event. Of course, everyone is interested in who is the winner. Here it is, the wordpress theme designed by Robert Schultheiss:

Except for it, we have received FIVE designs more. Though they are not winning, but nevertheless, we found them really appealing. Designed by Harmen Stoppels, it was the first theme which we received: Connor Leigh-Smith from Sharkofmirkwood Narendra S.V. from TechTreak GoBlogging.net Fikri Wirawan

As the received themes are not our property, these authors can use them for any puproses they want, but without any graphics associated with Flashmint. And if you want And now, let me come up to the part which is not less interesting - the contest for bloggers.

According to our statistics, the first largest number of visitors to us was brought by http://work-at-home-wealth.com/, the second largest number - by http://www.dulcenegosyante.com/ and the third - by http://www.contestwinner.blogspot.com/. All the winners, please send your PayPal details to flashmint.contest-at-gmail dot com. The payment will be issued within 24 hours.

Others who took part in the contest, don’t worry as we keep our words. Please, find a backlink to your websites HERE. If we have forgotten to mention you, please, don’t be angry with us. A lot of bloggers have taken part in the contest and we did our best to reward all of them. Just write to the following address - flashmint.contest-at-gmail dot com and we’ll add you to the list. Please note that we offered PR4 link back but in result you will get PR5 backlink :)

Thanks all. Waiting for the new contest ;)

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18 Responses to “FlashMint Contest is Over”

  1. Shark of Mirkwood Says:

    Congratz Robert, and the winners of the bogging contest :)

  2. Harmen Says:

    Well… First you should spell my name correct, second is that that link is not my website :), I don’t have one for myself.

    Nice designs, especially Fikri’s!

  3. m.dinesh Says:

    Wow man Robert Schultheiss.
    Your design rocks. Your design is really superb. I hope I design themes like you.
    All the designs are good.

    Thank you Admin for choosing me as the third winner in blogging.
    I will send you details.

  4. Robert Schultheiss Says:

    Wow, I’m really impressed. Thanks guys! I did my best to create this design.

  5. Abhinav Says:

    Congrats to all winners
    Would have been great if you posted the stats of top 5 blogs which sent the traffic :)
    Anyways great contest
    waiting to see the blog with new template :D

  6. Anthony at Work-at-home-Wealth.com Says:

    Wow! I’m the first one! I must thank my readers for that, and I will. Thanks for this great contest! I’m sending my Paypal to you right now.

    best regards

  7. Dulcenegosyante Says:

    This is great! I started only halfway through the month but I still made it to take the second prize. Geez! Thanks. I’ve sent you the paypal details. :)

  8. Harmen Says:

    Can you please spell my name correct?

  9. goblogging Says:

    Congratz to Robert, you’re the winner in the big contest ;)

  10. admin Says:

    We’ve already issued the payments to theme designer and 2 bloggers (2 and 3 places).
    We are waiting for the 1st place winner’s paypal email :)

  11. ghing Says:

    congratz to all the winners..

    and thanks for the link… :)

  12. Anthony at work-at-home-wealth.com Says:

    Hi admin,

    I’ve already sent you my Paypal e-mail two days ago maybe somethig went wrong with e-mail delivery. Just in case my Paypal e-mail is anthony [at] work-at-home-wealth.com


  13. flashmint Says:

    Hello Anthony!
    The money was sent. Thanks.

  14. amarat Says:

    fikri wiravan’s themes is best themes, i think

  15. iceman9 Says:

    @ dulcenegosyante..

    pa share naman ng blessings mo? burger! burger! hheheheh… thanks flashmint for the PR5 backlinks, more contests to come, cheers…

  16. Anthony at Work-at-home-Wealth.com Says:

    Money received!
    I’ll post proof of payment ASAP, Thanks and keep producing more good contests.

  17. gLf Says:

    congrats to all winners! And thanks so ever for the link!
    Waiting for your next contest…

  18. m.dinesh Says:

    Thank you admin.
    I received the payment.

    Good contest, had fun participating in the contest and the template is well suited for your blog.

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