You will hardly find a modern person who hasn’t heard anything about Facebook. No wonder, with its 955 million users, Facebook becomes a new religion these days. Most people find it extremely useful and easy to contact their friends, share some information and create ways to promote their business. Facebook has now become the major hub to generate traffic and involve more customers.

The real things start when you have to make your Facebook page stand out from the crowd. Creating a Facebook page is only a tip of an iceberg. Interaction is the most essential feature of any media networking, especially concerning Facebook. You have to reduce distance between your visitors and you. Using our professional advice, you can achieve desirable results and drive more traffic to your page.

There are plenty of methods how to make a Facebook page outstanding, depending on your creativity: welcome tabs, custom URL, email capturing etc.

Welcome Tab

The first impression is always the strongest one. This expression fits perfectly when it comes to Facebook welcome tab. It is a specially designed tab that appears on your Facebook home page. It does a good job telling the users who you are and what you do. There are some benefits of applying a welcome tab: having active and constantly updating page is the right way to win the “likes” and attention of potential clients. It will orient new users to your business. It gives visitors a “call-to-action” idea.

Being creative enough, you can animate your Facebook Welcome tab and always try to use eye-catchy images. If you own e-commerce webpage, make the process of buying/paying easier and faster. Some Facebook business page owners place the images of multiple products directly onto their welcome tab, with purchase buttons right beside them for the efficient shopping. You can try this trick as well.

Facebook Pages URL

There are three main reasons why you would need a custom Facebook page URL.

It is more likely that potential clients will remember your name and just type it in when they need it.

It prevents disputable situations if someone else wants to register the same company name that you own.

It increases SEO compatibility, especially when you insert a keyword into the URL field. For instance, will result in more hits than

Claiming a Facebook URL takes less than 15 minutes and should be the first step of any Facebook page you’re serious about.

Reveal Tab

Reveal tab is a marketing bomb for your Facebook page! It is a special page that is only revealing once someone “likes” your page. Reveal Tab always comes after Welcome Tab and is visible for users who have clicked the “Like” button. So far it is the best way to get a high users’ “like” rate.

Be Interesting

Most probably there are thousand Facebook pages that may be similar to yours. The only thing you can do is to stay unique with a help of your content and photos. Your page photos have a strong impact on your visitors’ first impression.

Content is another thing that really matters. If your text is worth sharing, people will pay more attention to what you do and write. You have the freedom to write but it has to be something that makes people think and not just swallow the given information.


Don’t be afraid to show off and be different on your Facebook page. Everybody has their own strategy to success, and you have to find yours. Now you know what direction to follow. Don’t lose the chance to get more out of your social network page!


To prove that FaceBook is not only about fun but also makes for a powerful impact tool, we’d like to present you some of our best Facebook templates:

Literature 810px Facebook Template

Portfolio Corporate 810px Facebook Template

Design Studio 810px Facebook Template

Luxury Hotel 810px Facebook Template

Maestro Restaurant Timeline Facebook

Business Timeline Facebook Template

Photographer Facebook Cover

Writer Facebook Timeline Cover

 Mary’s Page Facebook Timeline

 I Love World Facebook TimeLine

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