FaceBook heartFacebook is beyond any doubt the most popular, efficient and profitable social network for online business. The leading social media site presents such advantages as:

  • constantly increasing user base;
  • set of useful and easy-to-use tools for marketing and promotion;
  • tools for monitoring and analytics etc.

Marketers adore FaceBook for its cost-efficient and time-saving marketing campaigns – they don’t require great budgets and specific technical skills. On the whole it’s hard to overestimate all the benefits and opportunities of this social net. To help online business owners we’d like to outline 15 tips for people who’d like to create a killer FaceBook fan page for their brand promotion:

1. Check if Your Vanity URL Is Available

Before launching your business fan page you should find out if your URL is available. Name Vine is a great service to help check domain names, Facebook and Twitter extensions and the like. With this tool you could quickly decide what page address to use.

2. Use Facebook fan page templates

Using Facebook fan page templates is a great option that will greatly save your time and money. Here in Facebook themes category you may find a wide range of Facebook fan page designs that would fit any taste and requirements. All you need is to select the proper one, make some customizations, install it and your fan page is up and ready to promote your brand! Feel free to select one of the featured designs as a basis for your FaceBook promotion:

FaceBook theme 4591

FaceBook theme 4589

FaceBook theme 4590

FaceBook theme 4588

FaceBook theme 3850

FaceBook theme 4587

FaceBook theme 4077

 FaceBook theme 4087

FaceBook theme 3871

FaceBook theme 3855

3. Use an Application Publishing Platform

If you can’t afford development of sophisticated applications, third-party services might be a great way out: try North Social and Pagemodo. The services provide basic applications that you may need for launching a smart FB page. Some applications are free, but they still need to be customized.
The first applications\tabs you need to customize are:

  • Welcome Page: It’s a default landing page that invites a user to an application. As a rule this page is fan-gated, the visitor is asked to “like” the page to get access to the content.
  • Contact Us Page: This page provides your contact details and helps to convert your fans into buyers. Make it informative and engaging.

4 . “Call-To-Action” Graphic on the Welcome page

The goal of the Welcome page is to convert occasional visitors into devoted fans. Clear instructions and bright call-to-action graphics on the landing tab will deliver more “Likes” from your visitors.

5. Hiding content from non-fans

The content should be fan-gated to make the visitors interested and to encourage them to “like” your page. If a visitor becomes a fan of your page, he’ll see all your content (news, photos and updates in his news feed) and will be automatically involved into communication with your brand.
Facebook social plugins

6. Use social Facebook plugins

If you got a site, you should insert social plugins “Like” and “Share” whenever is possible. Any type of content should be shared or liked. When “Share” or “Like” tabs are clicked, the featured content + the site link is posted on the user’s wall and is shown up for everybody in the news feed.

7. Find Out When and What to Post on Facebook

A powerful service Edgerank Checker would gladly help you to decide when and what type of content to post.

This service examines your fan page statistics and determines:

  • the most effective day of the week and time to post content;
  • popular keywords;
  • what content type to use (articles, videos, photos, polls);
  • how often to update.

8. Use a Third-Party Platform to Distribute Social Content

If you are promoting your brand on several social media channels, such tool as HootSuite would be a great help for you. This tool allows publishing content once and then distributing it throughout other social networks- Facebook Page, Twitter account, Google+ page, LinkedIn profile.

9. Provide Local Content

Nowadays Facebook provides useful settings for content publishing. Posts can be targeted depending on age, sex, geolocation, interests and so on. These settings are aimed at making it more efficient and increasing the overall users’ activity.

FaceBook adds

10. Buy Facebook Ads

Facebook ads is an effective and cost-saving option that helps involve new visitors. The ad consists of a small picture and a short text. Make sure that the ad is engaging enough to make Facebook users click on it and “like” your page. The ad is shown to the targeted users only, so this tool is likely to bring relevant fans to your page. Sponsored Stories is another paid tool that shows high response rate and attracts visitors to your FB brand page.

11. Use different content type

You are allowed to publish different content type on your page – videos, images, articles, polls and so on. Don’t give preference to one content type but use a mixture of all media to keep your fans interested and involved into communication with your brand.

12. Add “Invite your friends” box

“Invite your friends” box provides opportunity for users to pick up any friend from the friends list and send them invitations to your page. This tool could also help you find new page fans.

13. Tag people on your photos

Tagging people on your pictures will allow you to attract them to your news feed. There is only one limitation: you can tag only your friends. So if you have photos with page fans you should ask them to tag themselves.

14. Check your page settings

Check your page settings and make sure that your visitors have required access level: they can post content on your wall, tag images, write messages to the page administrator and so forth. These settings will undoubtedly improve feedback from your fans.

15. Use Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights is a powerful tool for monitoring and analyzing activity of visitors. This tool provides relevant data reflected in tables and diagrams, so it’s easy to track the trends in visitors’ behavior and make the proper revisions in the marketing strategy.

So, as you may see FaceBook is a powerful, efficient and yet cost-saving tool that is the best assistant in your brand promotion. Don’t forget to use extra–services like Facebook fan page templates (for the bright page design), Facebook ads (for advertising), Facebook insights (for analytics) and other applications to save your budget, time and launch catchy pages in Facebook.

FaceBook for business

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