FlashMint always brings you good news and today we are happy to share another great tidings! We have found a superb product which may open new possibilities both for you and us providing unmatched facilities for fresh and exclusive creations. So after long talks and discussions we have finally concluded an agreement with FlashMoto – one of the most powerful and innovative Flash CMS. We have started the collaboration and will be glad to present you FlashMoto CMS Templates as well as develop new super-modern ones on the basis of FlashMoto Content Management System.

Moreover FlashMint will start developing its own flash CMS templates based on FlashMoto Content Management System backend. Premium design by FlashMint multiplied on a powerful FlashMoto CMS interface will create a product, that undoubtedly will become a bestseller and a next big trend in flash CMS templates industry.

FlashMoto is known as fast and flexible Flash Content Management System which was created specially for Flash developers making it easy to publish web content to Flash websites. FlashMoto is distinguished by extensible development platform which allows to get the most out of your website presentation and functionality with minimum time and efforts.

The main benefits FlashMoto Content Management System possesses imply:

  • fast and easy creation of powerful dynamic CMS websites which are easy to maintain
  • easy-to-use admin panel which allows customizing any piece of your website content according to your own preferences
  • deep linking and rewritable URLs in order to make your website totally SEO-friendly

FlashMoto makes it extremely easy to manage any dynamic website in spite of its design and animation editing it in the way you personally need. You don’t have to be a Flash guru to create, maintain an update a website using advanced facilities of FlashMoto CMS. Due to the convenient tools provided by FlashMoto you can add and remove necessary pages with simple clicks and you are not required to possess any extra development skills. Moreover, FlashMoto is cross-browser compatible so you will easily implement all changes you need within a browser you use.

We hope you are already captivated by new perspectives our cooperation with FlashMoto Content Management System will bring. We won’t make you wait long for new astounding Flash creations so stay connected and follow our updates!

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  4. [...] fact that FlashMint and FlashMoto which are supposed to be competitors have recently signed an agreement where FlashMint will be developing templates based on FlashMoto [...]

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