You already know that FlashMint is a pacemaker in flash web products industry. Everything flash is our prime interest, we think about flash, read about flash, write about flash and what is most important – we create flash for you. Our flash templates are our pride, we build them to be your best choice considering quality, creativity and price. We develop new technologies to fulfill your most incredible dreams. Today FlashMint is proud to announce the launch of the brand new and unique product – Ecommerce Flash XML Template.

What is so extraordinary about this template? Well, first of all this is the first and only one flash based eCommerce website template ever, you won’t find an equivalent anywhere else.

Have you ever imagined a web shop that would let you showcase your products in the most attractive, dynamic way, letting your clients see the slightest details, bringing them the feel of a real store where they can touch the products they buy?

Well, FlashMint has fulfilled the fantasy. Here it is – the Flash XML eCommerce Template you’ve been dreaming about.

XML based this flash template is easy to maintain, you can easily add as many products with detailed descriptions and photos as you want to. With XML you can add more categories to those already presented at the template.
Your clients will be able to buy an unlimited number of products with the built-in shopping cart. The foreseen checkout procedure lets your customers check the items and prices before buying, select various colors and sizes, number of products or even leave the purchase.
Currently, the payment system built in with the shopping cart is PayPal which is the biggest debit electronic payment system in the world and the most popular one. It is well known fact that PayPal is the most secure and trustworthy payment system, thus your clients will be satisfied.
Good news are – we are already working on creating an admin panel for Flash XML eCommerce templates. Thus you’ll soon be able to have the fullest control over your amazing flash based online store. Since new diversified collection of Flash eCommerce templates are coming shortly, don’t forget to come back for the updates.

Now we want you to contribute to Flash development. So check the template and let us know what you’d like to add to the eCommerce flash template we present today. Do share your thoughts at the comments below, every feedback is highly appreciated and every request will be taken into consideration.

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4 Responses to “Ecommerce Flash XML Template – Build Dynamic Shop You Can Be Proud Of”

  1. Guido Schultz says:

    Hey there, nice work for sure but how about:

    1.) different sizes = different prices (t-shirts)
    2.) checkout also via two emails (buyer/seller) cause older customers have only mail…
    2a.) checkout via other international gateways
    3.) ability to choose different country taxes shown in checkout
    4.) shipping costs
    5.) item numbering

    All my customers need this. That’s a basic for them.

    King regards


    PS: Let me know if this is possible and I will buy it.!!! :) )

  2. [...] the course of time we have noticed that a lot of FlashMint customers are interested in eCommerce Flash Templates asking if we are going to expand on developing such products. As we at FlashMint care about you and [...]

  3. flashmint says:

    Hey Guido Schultz,

    We do have a solution for you to satisfy your customers needs!
    Check Setting Up Ecommerce Flash Website and let us know your thoughts on this ;)

  4. Raymond says:

    I need some help customizing the template. I need to change some fonts, add products and integrate paypal accounts.

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