The Latest Innovation from Flashmint - Full screen Dynamic XML Flash Template

Web masters of Flashmint never think they have done all. No way, there’s always something new to strive for and you can very well see it from the latest products showcased at the homepage of Flashmint. This time I’d like to present you the Full screen dynamic XML flash template. It has several advanced distinguishing features that make it very different. Here they are; this exclusive website template is:

• a full screen template, which are not very numerous on the Net

and at the same time

• a stretched template, which fills the browser window regardless of its resolution;

• xml-driven, which means that you don’t have to have Flash soft to customize a photo gallery.

The mp3-palyer with tags and the adjustable interval between pictures in a slide-show make this web template maximum customizable.

Full Screen Dynamic XML Flash Template

Hurry up to check out this template at Flashmint.

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2 Responses to “The Latest Innovation from Flashmint - Full screen Dynamic XML Flash Template”

  1. CSS Model Says:

    Very cool and creative flash photo gallery!

  2. G Says:

    can this template support videos as well? i understand that xml can supot most file formats (jpeg, swf, etc) but i want to double check before i buy… i am trying to create website with photos and videos and i would love to use this template!!


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