Any professional who owns a certain business clearly realizes that it is really important to have a decent presentation of it online. The topic becomes even more up-to-date when it comes to Beauty and SPA Salons branch. According to the latest research, it was discovered that 76% of customers use Internet when looking for local services rather than recommendations of their relatives and friends.

Let’s imagine that a group of people came to your Beauty Salon and instead of giving them what they want, you tell them that you are not interested in widening your customer base. “Please, go to the competitors next door”. Shock?! Every day when your business exists without a professional web service costs you a knot of new clients.

What can a website give?

  • increase the number of clients

  • make your salon easier to contact

  • extra promotion online
  • status of successful business

Why doesn’t it work for someone?

Anyone can build a site but not everyone knows what exactly it has to look like and what purpose it has to serve. Beauty Salons and SPA Centers have grown rapidly over the past years together with a number of beauty salon websites, but only 30% of them bring positive results to their owners. Why does it happen? Mostly because visitors who came to such a site for the first time associate it with your business – in other words, the way your beauty salon website is presented online influences the visitors’ opinion about your overall services subconsciously. Unfortunately, in most of the cases it has a negative influence.

What does it have to contain?

Like any other business, health and wellness websites have to include the basics, such as contact information, pricing, location etc. But if you want to achieve better results you have to go above and beyond the basics. If it is a hair salon show your client the gallery of the artworks; in case it is a wellness website provide your potential visitors with the detailed description of every SPA therapy. The “Get to know the Staff” page is also a good way to showcase the talents and expertise of various staff members in your team. “Discount Beauty Products” is an especially attractive section of any beauty website – it works like jam to wasps. Link your website to social networks, let more people know about you. Update your website with news and new seasonal offers. Finally, make sure that your website has an elegant and sophisticated design, not overloaded with bright colors and unduly pushy. Most of the websites fail at this stage. Either it is SPA or Beauty Salon website design, it always has to be associated with relax and pleasure.

What does it have to look like?

Now when you know the benefits of creating a professional website, you have two ways of moving forward. You can either start a long process of creating a website from scratch wasting more than a few hundred dollars on it or go for an alternative – a Salon Website Template that will take you less than an hour to install and set it up. Still need time to think? While you are digesting the ideas described above, we’d like to showcase some of the best SPA templates and Beauty Salon templates, developed with Esthetic in mind:

Hair Salon and Beauty Salon Website Templates

1. Hair Salon HTML5 FlipBook Template

Beauty salon flash template

Hair salon Facebook template

Beauty Joomla Theme

Beauty school flash template

Beauty salon dynamic gallery swish template

Hair Salon Flash Web Template

SPA Website Templates

Spa salon flash template

Luxury spa salon joomla
 Spa studio flash template

Luxury Spa Accessories Facebook Page

12. Eco Spa Website Template

Beauty Spa Web Template

Spa Relax Drupal Template

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