If you have a good voice, it doesn’t always mean you are a rock star. If you have a music website, it doesn’t have to mean it is cool. Unfortunately, this conventional wisdom is proved by some blatant examples. There are millions of singing housewives and thousands of unsuccessful music websites. Like musicians, there are artists who don’t pay much attention to their web presentation. Some of them just prefer having a page on Facebook or MySpace. Who needs more? Actually, everyone needs more! If you are a young band with ambitions of being like Aerosmith, go for it. Rock the world with your songs and… your website!

For instance, Jimi Hendrix or The Rolling Stones are Mega Stars. One would think their songs are awesome so they don’t need anything else to prove their greatness. Now have a look at their websites:


How cool is that?!

The point is: no matter whether you are a newcomer or already an Ace of music industry, you must have a proper music site. And your fans will always know where to find you ;)

Think first, why would you need the coolest website? There are two answers: you want to be popular; you need to sell your CD’s online. Both answers are reasonable. How about killing two birds with a one stone? Meaning become popular and get high CD sales? Follow our tips and you can achieve both.

Use WordPress

Many bands prefer identical-looking Facebook pages to professional websites because they think the latter option is overly complicated and costly. Not anymore. WordPress makes life easier. With its help you get:

  • Proper domain name
  • Fully customizable design
  • A pile of useful plugins
  • High Google rank

Choose a premium theme

When you get a Premium Theme it is always 25% more of what you’ve expected from it. Of course, you can use free music website templates but there are a few iron reasons to get yourself a paid one:

  • It looks better
  • It works better
  • It is supported better

Add plugins

Plugins are things that you can install easily on your music website. Options you can add with their help include social sharing buttons, comment forms, image gallery, media player and other useful features that gain your site functionality. Let’s have a closer look at some plugins that refer to music web area:

1. WPaudio MP3 Player

It’s a very slick plugin that converts mp3 file link to a small mp3 player. The player begins playing the track upon clicking the link. WPaudio is not hard to install and it is compatible with any audio player tags.

2.Gigs Calendar

Well-crafted plugin created specifically for musicians to display a calendar of their past, present and future gigs.


Fotobook is a plugin that links to your Facebook page and moves all of your photos to your WordPress site.

4.Chords and Lyrics

This plugin assists the creation of staffless lead sheets, also called chord sheets.

5.Easy Digital Downloads

The plugin makes it easy to sell digital downloads from your site.

Sell your Music

You have to give your visitors a choice either to buy music tracks directly from your website or to get them from a well-known music store like Amazon MP3 or iTunes. However, if you decided not to use other sites for selling your music, you have to make sure that payment system on your site works perfectly. Keep in mind that 100% money-back guarantee not only eliminates the risk for the buyer, but also proves that you have complete confidence in the product you offer.

Keep it Simple but Stylish

Don’t try to stuff the website with Flash elements. Stick to a rule – Less is More! Whether you play hard rock or romantic folk, you have to cater each page of suitable style. Update your fans with fresh content, tell the story of your band, style of music etc. Also, keep in mind to set up a links page to trade links with other websites


Look for Inspiration all the time and everywhere. Love what you do and improve your music website. We shared with you some key aspects of creating a successful music website able to stand out from the crowd of similar music resources. Now your goal is to apply this knowledge. Meantime, we present you a collection of outstanding Premium music website templates that could be a good start for your website.


Music News WordPress Template

Music Box WordPress Theme

Desire Portfolio WordPress Theme

Music store oscommerce template

HiFi HiEnd online store oscommerce template

Singer Personal Website Template

Music Joomla Theme

Music Band Website Template

Music Band Site Web Template

Singer Drupal Theme


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