Today’s date 09.09.09 is believed to be mystical by some, by others it is believed to be the last day of the world, but we at FlashMint prefer to pay attention to joyous things.
For instance we were glad to find out that today The Beatles: Rock Band game is released. The game is the fabulous opportunity to experience the story of the legendary band from the inside. Every Beatles fan is now able to join John, Paul, George, and Ringo onstage at the legendary shows and in the recording studio. You now can become a part of the band and create the music history of the world with the greatest band ever.

Another great music news of today is also connected with the Beatles – remastered Beatles albums go on sale today, 09.09.09. Every Beatles album has been digitally remastered at Abbey Road studios over the past four years and today they are all available both as single albums and a box set.
You may have already guessed that we at FlashMint are huge Beatles fans, and the 09.09.09 date for us isn’t the date of the end of the world, but is a day full of joy and music. We’d like to celebrate today’s date with a small showcase of music flash templates. So join us in our celebration ;)

Blues band flash template

Performed in a stylish combination of black and red colors this dark and moody flash template is perfect for a blues band website.

Recording studio flash template

I’m sure any recording studio will be proud to have a website created with this flash template. Performed in a purple color palette this stylish design is the best solution for a profitable music business.

Rock star XML flash template

Very cool flash design for a really cool rock band.

Rock legends XML flash template

Another flash template for a rock band personal page performed in a dark color scheme and featuring the most intuitive navigation.

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  1. Alex S says:

    Great list of music related templates. I would like to have same skills in Flash, but i keep learning. I’m coming with something similar to.

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