Have you ever thought about a color scheme of your blog in the context of psychological influence? No? Then you can start it right now. The last thing you want is to lose visitors because of the negative effects of colors in your blog. Keep in mind that thanks to the right colors you can achieve better results and get more profit from your site.

About 60% of people answer “blue” to the question “What is your favorite color?”. We are surrounded by shades of blue from the sky above and up to small buttons on our dishwashers. It is so natural and clear – maybe that is why this color is so popular and frequently used in web design blogs. By the way, have you noticed the colors of Skype or Facebook? Exactly! The experience of such giants in online industry can help you to set up your mind to pick the right web design color scheme.
Blue is the most advantageous color from psychological aspects. Based on subconscious reactions and peculiarities of our brain, it doesn’t irritate and evokes positive emotions associated with calmness and stability. It can be used across a large variety of websites, from interior design blogs to serious business portals. Well, choosing a blue website design can make your competitors envy right along.

But take it slow to change the settings of color scheme in your blog design. Despite all the pluses, blue may have a slight negative effect. It may appeat cold and depressing, if it’s too much of it on the single page. The meaning of Blue in graphic design also depends on its shades and hues. The hues of blue can either destroy your online reputation or make your blog one of the favorite resources to many users. Here are some live examples of the best design blogs that I think are worth seeing:


High impact designs can be created with combinations of blue and other bright colors


Dark blue embodies stability and power


Light blue relaxes


Bright blue refreshes and gives energy


Pale blue gives an airy feeling and symbolizes delicate, calming and understanding atmosphere.

As a matter of fact, there are approximately 55 different shades of blue in web design. So, you should be careful with choosing the right one. According to the latest research, about 42% of visitors don’t return to the blog only because of its unattractive color. That means any mistake in choosing colors for your prospective blog can make a significant difference. If you are not ready to risk by making your blog completely blue, you always have an alternative. You can combine blue with different colors or make only some definite objects blue. The right style and balance between the colors can make your website stand out from the crowd.

The article wouldn’t be complete without touching a topic of WordPress themes. Today it’s one of the most usable platforms for any blogger, so avoiding talking about it in this context would be a crime. Blue is a popular color for both personal and professional websites, and there are loads of blue WordPress themes to choose from. Take some inspiration from this aesthetically inspiring collection in which designers have manipulated this one color to suit the business purposes:

Ski Resort Website Template 

Success Business Responsive Template

Swimming Pool Responsive HTML5 Template

It Connect Website Template

Premium Responsive Thumblr Theme

Lab Joomla Template

Sea Site Template

Portfolio One Page HTML Template

Creative Portfolio Web Site Template

Lights Co. Flash Website


Hoping that this article has helped you to understand how color psychology works and which hue fits your audience best. If yes, then you got one step closer to launching a successful blog. Today blue is a new white in web design ;)

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